offers for one KISS snow globe

These offers are for one KISS snow globe. If you want to make a trade for any of these items listed below, PLEASE MAKE ME AN OFFER FOR THE ONE YOU WANT! It will be very easy for me to choose which of the below items to take if my next trade is already lined up! Thanks - Kyle. BE CREATIVE! I'm not holding out for any offer in particular and I don't expect to get a house for one KISS snow globe. However, my offer still stands that I will trade one KISS snow globe for a REAL General Lee - which I'm sure we can all agree will be the best intermediate trade item of all time. Ever.


I kind of piggy backed off your idea. I traded 10 points in a cribbage game for a banana. Traded the banana for a screwdriver that I traded for a can of soup. That can of soup was traded for a light that attaches to a mixing console. I traded the light for a microphone, then traded that for a better mic. (An Audio Technica MB4K Midnight Blues Condensor mic) I would like to trade this mic for your snow globe.

I will offer you either:
-An autographed Super Dave Osborne show ticket
-Unused, near mint baseball tickets: 1st game at Exhibition Place (1977) and last game at Exhibition Place (1988)
-Collection of specialty Coke cans (empty. approximately 30 from around the world - Japan, New Zealand, Spain - as well as Canadian hockey teams, Blue Jays 1994 World Series)
-Or all of the above


Dear Kyle, I'm not here to hate on how you Canadians value trinkets and how you barter pelts and beads like they taught me in some class; I'm here to make you a serious offer. Since my own brother is a die-hard KISS fan, and not one of those stick-your-tongue-out and paint whiskers on your face kind, more like the kind that wears tight pants and sleeps with countless women and rocks crazy hard, I need to get him the snow globe as a graduation present. He graduates from the Sorbonne in the fall, I can't tell you what he does, because I don't know. Papier-Mache maybe (that sounds kind of french). But as consideration for this great and powerful KISS snow machine, I am offering you a job. "A job?" I can hear you say. " A motherf'ing job?" I know you started this quest for a house, but along the way maybe you can roll up the old sleeves and work for a while, or get one of our unemployed brethren to rectify what wrongs life has put upon him/her. Say, for instance, somewhere in the world, there was this cat. And he has a house but no job. And he doesn't want the house, but is scared to look for a job. Well then here is the answer. I offer you a job at my restaurant, Little Havana, see: What kind of job? What kind of restaurant? The good kind. And I will throw in one of our Havana T-shirts too. The spot is located on the water in Baltimore, Maryland. It is a big place with diverse clientele. A good place to throw back some booze. It is an excellent job and for a young man in your position in these uncertain times, it might be the answer you are looking for. So give it a shot. Trade that snow globe for financial security. You can tell Corbin Bernsen there is room for him here too. Let me know, Marc


I dunno man, I think you took a few steps back with that last trade! I'll throw the belts on the table again, but I'm reducing my offer to 500 belts!!!! Here's pics of the belts and a little office fun…


Hey there, I made a suitcase a while back.. I painted it, and collaged it, and took it to something like 38 states while I was on tour... but I don't need it anymore. I put it up on the free section of craigslist, and have gotten some amazing offers for it... so I figured before I let it go I should offer it to you. I don't really need a kiss snowglobe, but some people really want my suitcase. It has eyes, and lips, and you can fit many a thing in it! you can even travel to your next trade with your stuff in it! I think you're amazing! later, Nicole...:)


Hello Kyle, I was a big fan of Kiss when I was in High School. I remember by friend Doug Elliott and I would listen to LP's of Kiss for hours. Doug pursued his music career being the bass player for the Odds and now is the bass player for Colin James. I would trade you the Kiss Snow Globe for a Stars Wars Trilogy Special Edition collector's Set (VHS). It contains the following:

1. Star Wars Trilogy Special Edition videos in original theatrical letterbox format.
2. Exclusive behind-the-scenes presentation on The Making of the Special Edition.
3. Reproductions of the Star Wars Trilogy posters.
4. A 64 page Collector's book.
5. Pewter Medallion Keepsake of the Star Wars Logo.
6. Specially mounted 35mm film strip which contains five consecutive frames.

This Box Set has never been opened so I am hoping a Star Wars fan would appreciate the quality of this item. I would send the Kiss Snow Globe to Doug Elliott because I have enjoyed his music since he left Jasper.

Kevin Lazzari - Jasper, Alberta -


Kyle, like many, I'm concerned you may have stumbled w/a year's free rent to a KISS Snowglobe. I'd like to see you on your way again and make this offer in that spirit: ONE: screenplay writing package, including 4-dvd set and ebook Retail: $199.95 plus shipping from Million Dollar Screenwriting. ACTUAL value? There's a reason we call it I will also NOT put the globe up on ebay, but will try to trade it. Thanks "A Million", Chris Soth DVD-Cover-2.jpg


Hey Kyle, I heard about your project on KROQ last month. I didn't really have a use for a place in Phoenix or an afternoon with Alice Cooper, but when I found out about you traded for that glitter globe I stopped in my tracks. I've been collecting snow globes quite a while now and this is the kind of thing I could totally use in my collection. Not only do I want the KISS snow globe, I need it! (For reference, and I say this knowing full well it makes me sound like a total schmo, I'm the actor who was on LA LAW and in the Major League movies - and yes, those will go on the tombstone, I'm sure - Here lies Arnie Becker and Roger Dorn.) Well, I've been redirecting that potential by making movies lately with my company Public Media Works. We completed our first film last year called Carpool Guy - . My company makes movies specifically for fanbases. So this movie was made for Soap Opera fans.

My offer for the snow globe is a credited speaking role in one of our upcoming films, Donna on Demand. I'll throw in a round trip ticket from anywhere in the world to the shooting location and will provide room and board for the actor/actress for the duration of their stay - per our need to have them there and take care of meals etc. If whoever you trade with doesn't quite fit the bill for a character in the film, we will write a speaking role based on their character into the film. We will also compensate them according the the union agreements we have in place for that film. So there it is, a Role in a Movie (sometime during the next year) I hope this generates some activity for you, either upward toward the house or lateral move for position.
Corbin Bernsen
President Public Media Works


Hello Kyle, I am currently the President of the ITMSA (, Information Technology Management Student Assosication, at Ryerson University and it has come to my attention that you have in your possesion a kiss snow glow with variable speeds. This is something that the ITM student at Ryerson deem to be in high demand. We are willing to give up our ITM mascot, the Dragon Head himself, in return for the Kiss Snow Globe. Attached is a picture of the mascot in action during our latest parade and picnic. Please take this trade into consideration as the ITM student body is serious about making this trade happen. I look forward to hearing from you soon. Regards, Mark Do Couto
Parade & Pic - 03.JPG

Hello Kyle, My name is Steve De Chellis and I'm a game designer living in New Milford Connecticut, USA. I'm willing to trade you one of my very limited edition copies of my game Quadrovex for the Snow Globe. You can see pictures of the game by visiting and doing a search for "Quadrovex". The original intent was to produce 50 hand made copies out of marble with signed and numbered wooden boxes but after making the first 20 copies I found another game was already using the name so I had to change it. I then found a publisher so I stopped making copies. So, I'm offering you the last hand made copy made of the game made in exchange for the KISS snow globe.


I really used to enjoy my trips to Montreal to watch the Expos play their very special brand of baseball and eat french fries with gravy and cheese on them while drinking LaBatt Blue. I feel bad that Les Expos are no longer around, so I am going to allow you to choose from 3 (three!) offers for your lovely snow globe.

#1 - An autographed photo of baseball hereo, and Mr. Steroids himself, Jose Canseco.
Jose was my favorite player as a kid, and I was psyched when he joined the Expos. I was much less psyched when he was cut from the team a few weeks later...

#2 - A very large box of baseball cards.
There are many cards in here from the golden age of baseball card collecting, the late 80's and early 90's. I will be sure to include cards of many great Expos who got away, like Larry Walker, Marquis Grissom, and Delino Deshields.

#3 - A family pack of tickets to see the Richmond Braves.
Since the Expos are no longer with us, and I live in Virginia anyway, I now root for another awesome team - the Richmond Braves. I would like for you to have the opportunity to see my new hometown team. Much like the Expos, all of their good players end up with other teams (especially the Atlanta Braves, for some reason). The family pack includes 4 General Admission Tickets, 4 hot dogs, and 4 12oz sodas.

Jeff Hanson -


Hi Kyle, My name is Kurt and I am one of the owners of ESKnives My brother is a huge KISS fan, and the snow globe would be a great present for him. I will trade you a hand forged Bushido katana and a $200 gift certificate to The katana is 100% hand forged. It has a Razor sharp, fully functional blade made of high-carbon steel. It is has full tang, also known as being "live". The handle has an authentic ray skin wrap, and it has a 2-tone zinc alloy guard. The blade fits perfectly into a high lacquered finished scabbard with a rounded kuikata w/ shitodome fitting. There is also a sateen sword bag and a cleaning kit. Most hand forged katanas like this one sell for well over $500 if you can find a local smith to make them, and I have seen much lower quality ones for well over $3500 in stores. We have a smith that we work with that can make one special for this deal to match the one in the attached picture, and I’ll throw in the gift certificate for an extra kicker. Are you interested? Talk to you soon. Kurt

I have a 16ft fiberglass trihull ski /fishing boat without a motor I will trade. It has a trailer I have just refinished it and painted it camo. New seats new wiring new astro turf. It is there for the trading if interested. I took the motor and controller off. Peace steve - Campus Minister - Park Chapel Christian Church
boat 1 023.jpg

I would have offered you my 2002 Saturn (in perfect working condition with low km's) for a year's rent in Phoenix, but since all you have is a KISS snow globe, here goes:

1 Large Tim Horton's coffee (dressed as you please)
1 Tim Horton's apple OR blueberry fritter
1 Set of McDonald's miniature replica NHL trophies (including Stanley Cup) WITH STAND!

Good luck, man. Despite recent stumbles in judgement there are many of us wishing you succeed.

Cheers, Andrew.


Hi Kyle, My name is Dave Leroux. I am a retired movie star. My offer isn't worth much financially but the publicity you'll get trading with me is priceless! I've acted in a number of blockbuster hits including MVP 2 (Most Verticle Primate 2), Slapshot 2, and Airbud 4: 7th Inning Fetch. I am offering you Original DVD copies of MVP 2 and Slapshot 2 for the KISS Snow Globe. I am a HUUUUUUGE KISS Fan. I Hope you consider my offer. I'll even autograph the DVDs! I have included a picture proving that I am the biggest KISS fan EVER! I'm the one wearing the Singapore shirt! -Dave Leroux P.S. I,m the cat. Meowwww

kiss .jpg

Kyle, I have a trade offer for you: I will trade you three professionally done eNthems for your new item up for trade - the kiss motorized globe! give it a try, I think this can be huge!!! I really want to see you succeed man, I have a lot of respect for guys like you! Anyways, I think that would make a great trade, but of course you're the man and you decide! Hopefully you will accept my trade offer! Talk to you soon, Stan


Hi Kyle, OK i will try to help I will trade you a guitar that has a red white and blue flag on it. It is very cool looking. It is on a body that looks like a Fender Telecaster. Hope this might help you on your journey. I love what your doing. I am a musician that is trying to get the Inclusion Tour going. That is the Inclusion of all handicapped people. You can read my blog about it on OK let me know, Peace Bob Greco


Anonymous said...

Well Kyle, I think this is a trade way down the scale, as in way back to the coleman stove, but I'm having fun watching your journey. Still a long from a house, but then who would have thought this this adventure would have taken you all the way around the world to Japan, then on stage with Alice Cooper, and all points prior to that. And in the end, a Kiss globe is better than a paperclip. Hope you are still having fun. Good luck for the trade

Anonymous said...

I'm so very confused. Very very confused. I thought Alice Cooper was a step down from a year free rent. I'm without words on your current trade. What's the deal?

Anonymous said...

I actually think I understand why you did this trade. You went big with AC and got nothing big in return. So, if you return to little and work your way up again, you may get another "big" that has more trade for a house. Or...perhaps...I'm giving you too much credit...

Anonymous said...

hey kyle,

I'm not sure what you are doing but I think your making the wrong moves. you had a cube van and a years rent. I know there are some huge kiss fans out there but I doubt many of them have any material possesions of great value that they are willing to trade for the globe. the good thing is, that you can start over again and its not a complete loss.


Anonymous said...

Okay just a few quick questions, what kind of guitar is it? a red and blue flag, okay is it a specific country or just a made up flag? Just wondering, is it acoustic or electric? Just wondering because that could make a LOT of difference.

Anonymous said...

there is no dave leroux
look him up on the net
look up the movies on imdb
no dave leroux

Anonymous said...

Am I the only one who notices that Dave Leroux didn't appear in any of the movies that he mentioned? Unfortunately, I actually have a copy of Slapshot 2 and noticed that his name doesn't appear on the cast list at all. I double-checked his name in the Internet Movie dice...he isn't there. Check for yourself at the IMDB

Anonymous said...

lol yea i looked up dave leroux 2 there is no 2 be found and y lie about being in those movies, they all sucked lol

Anonymous said...

Should have traded the year for the three months in LA and the Porsche. You've regressed a long ways. If hardcore fans of Kiss wont offer anything good for an afternoon with Cooper, what makes you think they will offer even more for a snowglobe that they can just buy for 50 dollars?

Anonymous said...

yup, no Dave Leroux, not even as an extra -anyway- two signed DVDs arn't even worth the snowglobe.

Anonymous said...

hey Kyle! i know a lot of people are saying that this is a trade down and a dumb thing to do, but i just want to tell you that you've made it this far by using your best judgement and if you think that last trade was a good one, then i do to!

Anonymous said...

yeah hes right, there is no Dave Leroux. Do some research.

Anonymous said...

I think the offers for the snow globe say it all. Two signed DVDs from some no-name actor in some movies that you'd only find in the bargain bin at Wal-Mart?

Then there's the eNthems, which are really just company jingles. This is actually pretty cool if they make quality stuff, but I don't know if anyone representing a company comes by this site and is looking for a KISS Snow Globe.

Then, yet another guitar. I think one has been offered for the last six trades.

Even though I'm being pessimistic about this, I'm still rooting for you to get your house, Kyle. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

So let me get this straight: A Year of Rent in Phoenix is better than a Recording Contract? And an Afternoon with Alice Cooper is better than a Year of Rent? So,...A KISS Snowglobe is better than an Afternoon with Alice Cooper? Well, Kyle, as soon as you get closer to a house I'm going to have one of these bad boys to trade. It has multi-coloured lights and most importantly it has variable speed. It must be worth at least 100 recording contracts. :-)

Jessica said...

Would love to see a photo of the red, white, and blue guitar...would have been neat if it was one of the Buck Owens models...

Anonymous said...

i did a yahoo serch google serch and several others Dave Leroux does not apper to exist in movie format or on the web at all so i would be leary of his movie claims

Brittany said...


While I too think that the trade to the snow globe was a downgrade, I appreciate the fact that you are helping other people try to realize their dreams along your journey. Like you said about the person dying of thirst in the desert - ??what's worth more to them?? - a million dollars or a glass of water. You could have traded the afternoon with Alice to a mediocre fan who had something better to offer. But instead, chose an avid music fan with aspirations of becoming a rock-and-roll photographer, to which that afternoon will mean so much more. If it was easy or quick to trade paperclips for houses, everyone would be doing it. It's not about the destination, but the journey it took to get there. Good luck and keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

As with many others, I think this was a mistake. Big step back.

Alice Cooper was a risky move in the first place, but there was potential...

But now a snow globe????

A few still have faith in you, but I wasn't sure after the Alice Cooper deal...and with faith in you has been sundered. Destroyed. Broken. Lost.

But I feel for you...I'll give you a full sheet of drywall for the snow globe. Maybe you can build your house, instead.

Benjamin H. said...

Well, if Kyle really is interested in getting a General Lee, he might want to come down to Nashville, TN next weekend. News mentioned something about Dukesfest happening June 3 & 4 at the Music City Motorplex, featuring about 110 General Lees from all over the country.

Though, these are hardcore fans...not sure anyone would be willing to trade for that bloody snowglobe....

Anonymous said...

ill trade a BLUE paperclip for you globe...


Anonymous said...

FYI Everyone:
Dave Leroux played the following roles which are not listed on IMDB.
-Hockey game spectator in Slapshot 2
-Hockey game spectator and Skateboard competition spectator in MVP 2.
-Baseball game spectator in Air Bud 4.
He basically specializes in the fine acting form of spectating sports played by animals or Stephen Baldwin.
He also got a B+ in Eighth grade drama. He is the real thing.

Anonymous said...

I am from Phoenix, and I started following this experiment when I saw your link on craigslist for the 1 years free rent. I figure the Cintas van to be worth $7000 - $8000. here in phoenix you might get $700 a month out of the duplex. that makes $8400, but I don't get the globe. My advice Start trading for tangible goods, they are easier to peddle

chuckawucka said...

As bad as the trade might have been, I can see some logic in the move. Before, trading from the paper clip to the fish pen was easy because the item was relatively easy to trade for in terms of value.

Flash forward to the one year in Phoenix - an item that's difficult to trade for.

Luckily the Alice Cooper thing came up. But even then things were hard. Not only did you need a big enough pool of interested folks who'd want to meet him but also enough good offers.

Clearly that seems to be the reason this trade took longer than the others - offers took too long to come in. And the ones that did come in were not as exciting as past ones.

With this trade, I bet things'll pick up. And with these new trades, a better chance at that ellusive house.

P.S.: If there aren't any other offers comming in when you make your choice, go for the guitar. :)

Anonymous said...

I can understand why you did this trade!! And I like it! Hopefully you'll get something big and wonderful in return and I don't think that your a complete (key word) idiot for making this trade! I swear if i had any material possesions...or more money in my bank account (the current balance is 36.43) i would put an offer! But can have that!
Good Luck!!
And if ever you come to Toronto I'd love to meet you cause I'm pretty sure you rock.


Capersam said...

Hey Kyle! It seems that a lot of people have a lot of negative things to say about your trade for a KISS snowglobe. Perhaps these are the same people who said pooh pooh when you first came up with the idea of one red paperclip for a house. I personally say BRAVO! All good ideas deserve great praise and you have one really good idea going here. Good luck and a great journey on your way to your dream house. I'll be supporting you all the way. Sam in Cape Breton.

Anonymous said...

You traded an afternoon with Alice Cooper for a snowglobe?!!!

You should have told everyone that you would be willing to trade down, I'm sure you would have gotten something better than a snowglobe!!!!

On that note it looks like you've basically started over.

What you should have done is sold the Cube Van, gone to Vegas and layed it all down on a round of BlackJack. Even if you lost they would have given you some parting gifts comparable to a Snow Globe ..........

Anonymous said...

You are mad mate... I mean, a years free rent in Phoenix was good - you might have got a downmarket house somewhere for that. An afternoon with alice cooper - well, there could have been a HUGE fan somewhere but a snowglobe?? You were really onto something mate and you had the whole world behind you. You've blown it now.

Anonymous said...

Here's dave leroux... on myspace funny how he doesn't look like a retired movie star...
take note of the "movies" section of his profile. this is him. :)

Anonymous said...

Here's a nice picture of dave leroux from his myspace. looks like he got out of the acting business while he was still young and rich!

Anonymous said...

I think it's going to take someone even more whimsical than you (who will also need to be relatively rich) to get you anywhere as near to the house as you were with the van or free rent... Good luck with it, but in all honesty you're going to need something big to happen for you to regain the momentum and public interest! Hope you manage it, but I think this one was a mistake so far...


DavidMiscavige said...

I will trade you a personality test for your kiss snowglobe.

justanothercliche said...

I'll trade you a broken PSP (Sony will fix it for 90 bucks) and a 3 Gigabyte harddrive for the Snow Globe.

Marlon said...

I had heard of your site but never visited until this most recent trade turned up on

I commend you on your choice to trade for the snow globe. It might not be the most direct path to your goal, but you are helping someone else achieve their goal along the way.

Maybe all the new found attention will lead to more chances for what Dead-heads used to call 'I need a miracle' types of offers.

Anonymous said...

You have to take that sword. That looks proper sweet.

Mind you whoever's gonna trade for that might be a little... disturbed.

Best offer for the shitty snow globe anywhos.

Keep it up

Chris said...

The sword looks like a replica, check out the site, it looks like all of the swords they sell are cheap replicas. If the sword is actually hand crafted folded steel then it would be a great deal. Otherwise forget about it, replicas fall apart extremly quickly when you play with them too much :)

Anonymous said...

This trade tells me one thing - you do not want this journey to end. In a year, everyone will lose interest and you will be stuck with something worth much less than a house. The year's rent in Phoenix was probably one or two trades away from your goal, but you managed to go from something with a book value of thousands to about $100 in 2 trades. Admit the mistake and get to your goal ASAP before your viral fad disappears.

Anonymous said...

Jumped the shark? I keep telling myself to not be negative. However, after having so much hope and belief in your wacky mission and then seeing you handle it like it's just a big stupid joke...well, it was just plain disapointing to me. I thought that you actually wanted to get that darned house...and we wanted you to get it too. Why the heck would I trade you something more valuable than your less valuable item if you're just going to give it away?? The whole reason that your site made SENSE and was COOL was because you were sticking to your principals and feverishly trying to trade lesser-value things for better things. Dude, please tell us that that KISS snow globe is somehow extremely valuable, was previously owned by Gene Simmons, or that you have a behind-the-scenes deal to profit from advertising that stupid snow globe. Please?! Because if you don't then...well...whatever man.

Anonymous said...

I'd have to go with the sword. I've gotten a lot of stuff from those guys before and most of it rocks. They do have some common items and cheesey replicas, although so do all of us, but their higher end stuff is incrediable.

To "Chris" about the sword looking cheap. Do you know anything about swords and did you read the offer? It looked great, but it was only a picture of a previously done one. They will have one made just for the trade. Custom - love that.

Anonymous said...

I have a nice new red paper clip for the snow globe. Your basically starting over anyway. Why not follow one dumass trade with another?

Anonymous said...

take the boat - it's the best offer you have here for the snowglobe - and may get you back up to where you belong. If someone offered me a boat for a snowglobe - I'd take it. Good luck.

Pam/Kelowna BC

Anonymous said...

this was a big risk but o well. Its not a complete loss. In my opinion id say go with the boat, you may get something intersting for that.

Anonymous said...

Hey - you can use that fiberglass ski boat to jump that shark. Oh wait...that happened already.

Anonymous said...

Howdy Kyle:
I'll give you a used Coleman stove for your snowglobe. I'll even throw in a Coleman griddle for the stove.

Virthe said...

Out of what's on offer, I'd go for the sword :P

But I dunno if many people would want it...

Anonymous said...

i see dave leroux is back to defend his honor annonymously

geologyboy said...


I think most of your 'fans' here are misisng the point of it all. This isn't about getting a house. This is about the journey to get a house. You are just taking us a long for your ride. I have never been a good trip that has gone directly from point A to point B. You gotta stop and smell the roses, see that giant ball of yarn or worlds largest Easter Egg. There might be a house at teh end, but if you can't enjoy the ride home, why bother leaving?

Keep on keeping on.


Mari-Leen said...

Well.. I would choose the role in movie, there are lots of people, who have dreamd about it and can give the house away for it!

Good luck!

Mari-Leen from Estonia, yeah, even here we read you :P

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Yeah, I definitely say go with the role in the movie. That would open up some serious offers. Besides, that guy really seems to want that snow globe.

Anonymous said...

Go for the movie role!

MickoZ said...

A role in a movie or becoming a ninja? This is the question?

Adam said...

Dude, I think Corbin Bernsen just bailed you out (either that or you knew exactly what you were doing all along).

(Oh and corbin, I am a talented videographer in need of a job in the movies :). Have your people call number :)

Anonymous said...

Next trade...third baseman..Roger Dorn!

Go with the movie role and maybe get Corbin to throw in some Major League memorabilia

chris soth said...

Kyle -- if you go with the movie role over my screenwriting package, I'll volunteer to step in and help Mr. Bernsen with the script -- or to do the rewriting on the scene for your winner/trader.

Thanks "A Million",

Chris Soth

Anonymous said...

My Dad is an antique dealer and he once told me one man's junk is another man's treasure. I think Kyle understands the concept better than my Papa.

Anonymous said...

lets see if kyle could prove everyone wrong who says that the quote "one man's junk is everyone treasure" is a load of crap...

Anonymous said...

I thought you made a mistake, by taking the snowglobe (I would have gone for the name on the building).
But I wrong.
Go for the Role in a Movie, and you have something better than an afternoon with Alice Cooper.....
(I'm already thinking what I could trade you for a Role in a movie).

Anonymous said...

Right on Kyle...

I must say I was a bit confused with your latest trade. However, I think that you will do just fine...good on ya!! I think we should all remember that it is easy to criticize from the sidelines...

I wish you all the best and I am having a great time following along...

The Yellow Dart - N.B.

Anonymous said...

Clearly you've gotta do the deal with Corbin Bernsen. Nothing else comes close. Folks would kill for a SAG card.

Anonymous said...

Hi from Finland. Let me say Kyle, that I trust you that you made 100% right choice with the KISS snow globe. I am sure that you will succeed with your most interesting project. Keep on going man!

Anonymous said...

that dave leroux guy from "slapshot 2" and "most verticle primate 2" is really just a dumass from canada... check out his myspace page at

make sure you send him messages making fun of him, if that link doesnt work try

Anonymous said...

i havnet been on for ages and expected you to be settled in your new home but what A SNOWGLOBE WHAT!!!??!?!

good luck
its gonna be a long ride

Monica said...

hey! i like alice cooper!
and i think you should go for hte job at the Little Havana. sounds like a great trdae if you ask me, and the person getting the globe will acually appreciate it.

Anonymous said...

Hey Kyle,
i've been visitin ur site so often lately... gotta know everything! ur amazing. funny how evryone was callin u crazy cuz of ur new trade until u got that awesome movie role trade! Well, i know i'll be all smiles once you get your house!!!...or maybe i'll be sad cuz ur adventure will be all over... :(
Janice - ottawa

Anonymous said...

You're very nice, even if i also think you have less than a year in phoenix, i think you can get back up if you take the ''actor in a movie''...many ppl wants to be in a movie and there's a travel wherever in the world, dont miss that chance! gl

Anonymous said...

Kyle, i think that you an awesome thing going here, and i really want to see where this trip takes you. after you recent post, i realize why you even started this site. so i say go for the swords or the movie role. for one, the guy with the movie role would really appreciate your snow globe, and you could make him happy. on the other hand, the swords guy only wants the globe for his brother. i think that that kind of attitude is just the thing that you are looking for on your quest for a house, and i think that he is more than a worthy recipient of the globe. good luck with your journey, and i hope you get your house.
Zach from California

Anonymous said...

i heard about u wen i went on a school trip to a college in sudbury there was a guy saying some stuff about a dude posting a red paper clip hoping to get a house aventualy and at first i thought ya right but wen i seen what u can do with just one red paper clip i was motivated to never give up on ur dreams cuz one dau they will come true i hope u get ur house man good luck.

kash (aka poohjoon) said...

kyle! you rock my little world :) i have always been a fan of the barter system and dont doubt you will succeed. i also dont believe you have made any errors in judgement regarding your trades - if someone is willing to pay thousands of dollars for a dirty sock on ebay theres no reason the globe cant get you closer to the goal. i look forward to seeing more items for trade! i want in i want in :) kudos from kash :)

Anonymous said...

Dude, I'll swap you my Holden Calais 1990 model for that KISS globe.

bestonline323 said...

"lol yea i looked up dave leroux 2 there is no 2 be found and y lie about being in those movies, they all sucked..."
I completely agree none of them were any good.

Anyway, i think this is a cool idea for a post.

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Kaitie said...

Go with the job, Kyle. Go with the job.