Wow. This might be an orange-colored gold mine of awesomeness.

It's widely known that I have a bit of an ongoing half-joke that I will accept a General Lee on the spot for a trade offer. Actually, it's not a half-joke at all. Not even a quarter-joke. If anyone offers up a real General Lee for whatever I happen to have at the moment, my mind is made up. I just think that a General Lee will be the raddest thing ever to have as a trade item. Anyhow, I was quite excited to find a link to this in my inbox two minutes ago:


If anyone out there can help spread the word to the 'DukesFesters' about my ongoing desire to trade up to a General Lee as an intermediate item between "now and the house", please feel free to do so! By the time DukesFest rolls around, I'll probably have something else up for trade. I'm thinking about throwing down the gauntlet for offers for one afternoon with Alice Cooper. Maybe a deadline of Wednesday May 17th?...Two days after the big to-do in Fargo...Whatcha think?

June 3-4. Man, a good part of me feels like booking a flight to Nashville right now.... - Kyle


Anonymous said...


news about you blog in a brazilian newspaper... ok, i guess it's the only respectfull brazilian newspaper. That's how i got here, by the way. At the moment i just envy you, but dont worry it's a nice kind of envy...i guess

Anonymous said...

If you get a General Lee, just stop. No need to keep trading.

Good luck with it!

Anonymous said...

Seriously, you need to pitch a reality show called "Cooterfest" if you get to trade up to the General Lee. In my opinion, trading up from a red paper clip to a General Lee is a better story than getting the house.

Keep up the great work man!