Word-of-web + press release

I owe the success of one red paperclip entirely to word-of-mouth, and it's younger, less chatty but much further reaching cousin, word-of-web. Big thanks to everyone who's told a friend or posted a link to this site on yours or blogged about it or or emailed everyone you know or written the URL in a bathroom stall or wrote one red paperclip on the back of a matchbook. It all helps. Big time. You can see who's posted a link or blogged about one red paperclip over at Technorati. Thanks again for spreading the word. I need all the help I can get at this stage - the items up for grabs aren't exactly the kind of things people usually have lying around the house. Definitely not as easy to trade up from a cube van or a recording contract like it was with the red paperclip or the fish pen! With that in mind, I'm testing out a 'top referrer' script to the right side of this page. (down below the ads and archives) Not really sure if this is a very good 'top referrers' thingy - I just used the first one I could find. It seems to just show all the in-links coming from oneredpaperclip.blogspot.com. Not really what I had in mind....I'd like to show other people's sites here! If you know of a better 'top referrer' script than this, please let me know. I'd like to have it up above the ads on the right as a way of saying thanks to everyone who's making this possible. PR Web also issued a press release today about one red paperclip. I know most of the media has really just come to the site and figured out what's going on around here by snooping around, but it provides a simple clean-cut rundown of what's exactly happening with one red paperclip. There's pictures and everything and you can download a PDF. Feel free to spread the press release around or contact me if you have any questions. Thanks, and have a rad day. - Kyle


scarbie doll said...

Hey, just found you through my pal at http://collectthemoments.blogspot.com/. This idea is so amazing. I totally support you and am adding a link to you on my blog. Go brilliant Canadians go!

amelyn said...

Hi Kyle.
Been checking out your blog every now and then and saw that you were looking for something that'd help you track referrals to your site.

Came across this article, thought you might find it useful. Technorati was mentioned though.