Black Sheep

I just re-wrote one trip to Yahk to better explain how everything went down leading up to the trip to Yahk. Check it out. One cube van is up next for a rewrite - and it'll actually have details about the trip to Yahk. Just thought I'd give you a little teaser. In other news, I was on the news tonight. On TV. Here in Quebec. Le Grand Journal with Jean-Luc Mongrain. Jean Luc-Mongrain is arguably the most Ron Burgundy-ish of all Quebecois brodcasters. He's the guy on the left - the one who crosses his arms - a classic move of his. He totally does poses while other people speak, sometimes even bringing his hand to his chin in a 'deep thought' pose. Rumor has it that he even used to have a crazy huge mustache. He's an absolute legend. I'm Pretty proud to be anywhat associated with him. 'Anywhat' is a word right? It was on TQS - the "black sheep" of Quebec TV networks. The guy who interviewed me was Jean Lajoie. Another classic Quebec TV dude. He even spelled my last name wrong. Perfect. Oh, yeah, the video's all in French.


Puckeye said...

Oh man :)

This was a nice report, I like TQS and "Le Grand Journal".

Pretty nice interview on your part, you spoke well in french my friend. :)

Barbara said...

Good job. I enjoyed the report.
It bloggles the mind how far you have come with this project.

Patricia said...

Well actually, you mispelled his name too ;)

Jean Lajoie, not Lavoie ;)

Good luck on your crazy project, I'm following your trades since the start!

月饼 said...

This was a nice report