Beyond Tomorrow

Hey everybody. I'm Getting really excited about the next little bit around here. A film crew from the Australian TV show Beyond Tomorrow is coming to our apartment on Friday - which is, fittingly, just beyond tomorrow. I'm pretty blown away that an Aussie TV show is coming all the way to Montreal to cover the project. I guess that means I have to clean up the apartment and everything. Go say hello to Mr. Clean and his good buddy Pine Sol and stuff. one recording contract is still up for grabs. I just realized that my description of what it includes was kinda like looking at the current state of my apartment. Messy. So I just re-wrote it. You should really go take a look at my revised description of one recording contract. It's really nice. Mr Clean will be happy. And proud. Heck, maybe even Mr. Clean will make an offer. If you know anyone in a band, or if you're a singer who maybe didn't make the top 11 on American Idol, one recording contract is up for grabs. I'm really open to creative offers on this one, as I know that lots of up-and-coming artists don't have much in the way of material goods to offer. However, my offer still stands that I will make the trade on the spot for a General Lee - but don't wait - I'm going to make my decision very soon. How soon? Well, let's just say I'll decide beyond tomorrow. Have fun - Kyle

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