Thunder Bay and stuff

This is a few days back, but my Dad flew from Vancouver to Thunder Bay to help with the drive back to Toronto. We spent a couple of days there with and Andy and J.P., two rad guys Dom and I met a few years ago in Lagos Portugal. (We went on to travel together in Morocco with dbuc after that. It was super fun. Go to Morocco if you get the chance - avoid getting ripped off by sneaky spice salesmen. Or don't avoid it, either way is fun.) So we chilled out at J.P.'s cabin on a lake and then went back to Andy's parents place for some super amazing Italian food. Good times. I can't wait to go back. Thanks guys! Me and J.P. CIMG5646 A great picture of Andy that'll stay up here until he emails me a better one: CIMG5649 Then we headed out of town and somewhere in Northern Ontario we came across this real cool patch of ice: CIMG5660 Never caught any fish, but met some great people. From left to right: Mike, Laura, Kyle, Janet and Jon. Mike and Laura are MacDonalds too - they even have a son named Scott. Scott MacDonald, the same name as my brother. The ice started to make all sorts of crazy noises and everyone scattered to shore real fast because we thought we were going to fall through and drown and lose all the fishing gear. So that was fun. CIMG5662 Thanks again guys. Kyle

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