Tread Marks

My dad and I made it to Toronto yesterday. Spun over to Brendan at MetalWorks and traded the cube van for the recording contract. You can see a PDF of the contract here. CIMG5669 CIMG5665 In order to make it official, I had to sign the contract. With the left-rear tire of the cube van of course: I'm so glad I didn't run over your fingers Brendan. That would've been so not cool. But then again, the footage would've been great. So, Brendan's got the cube van. I've got the recording contract. I'm back in Montreal now. Time to have a nice long sleep. have fun, Kyle PS you can see a PDF of the contract here.

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LN said...

why don't people comment? i heard about your blog in a this section of the Sydney Morning Herald newspaper called Icon so yea it's pretty kewl that even people in australia know about your trading!