Running with the Night

Saskatchewan is the butt of a lot of jokes. Naturally. CIMG5599 Two thumbs up to the tourist commission on the dumpster placement. Making it way easier for the rest of us. No, I like Saskatchewan. Just never really spent much time there. Highway 1 East three times. Yes, the typical drive-by. Lame, I know. I'll stop longer next time. I need to go back. I've never even filled up at Dick Assman's gas station. This next one is pretty much the only video I shot on the entire drive from Vancouver to Toronto. Saskatchewan. At night. Speakers Up. Lionel Ritchie, you are my guiding light. have fun, kyle


blurbee said...

As per your stated encouragement for anyone to use it, I used your red paper clip photo in a video entry that I made for the Contagious Festival:

What's So Funny 'Bout Peace Love And Understanding?

Your blog is hilarious.

The whole red paper clip thing is great. Very thought provoking.

I'm working on a trade to offer you for that recording contract. So far, I have one white chevy cubevan plus your choice of 40 (out of 82) web domains. You can pick up the cubevan on your way to Toronto. The web domains can be transfered to you on the net.

You Canadians are so creative and fun lovin'. Keep up the good work!


Anonymous said...

Saskatchewan is the land of the living skies. You drove through at night, bored? Now there's a shocker. Okay. So it's no rocky mountain playground, but you really can see your dog run for miles .... And there's something to be said for a nice straight relaxing drive. Oh. I get it. You took the easy drive at night. On second thoughts, good move. Plus. Although I know you'd have to turn a blind eye to this because you have a girlfriend, but it might be handy to know that Saskatchewan has alot ... I mean .. ALOT of good-looking women with very few viable men to choose from...Food for thought.