Pulling Gs

Put new spark plugs in our car today. NGK G-Power Platinum tips. Real beauties. I guess you could say I did a bit of a tune up on the 1990 Corolla wagon. Probably the first time they've been changed in sixteen years. I can't wait to drive Dom to work tomorrow morning. The acceleration is gonna be nuts. Gonna pull some real Gs. Well, probably not as many as a Fiero, but still, nothing Corey Hart would sneer at either. I'm counting on some pretty crazy stuff here. I put the head rests up real high, just to be on the safe side. I hope Dom doesn't forget to snap the lid on her coffee mug. I did a phone interview live on BBC Scotland last night. It was great. One of the hosts, Richard Cadley, went out into the "high street" and started trading stuff live on-air. Here's how he did. Not bad for one hour if you ask me! The interview was at 4:30 AM Montreal time or something. Late late night interviews on Scotland radio stations are awesome. Can't wait to go there one day. Hey radio peeps and podcasters, if you want to do an interview about one red paperclip, feel free to call me anytime at 514-833-3980. Seriously, anytime. Besides, time really doesn't matter this week, with daylight savings coming up and all. The placement of hours is kinda, like, you know, relative. Hey Arizona, Indiana and Saskatchewan - you guys have no idea what you're missing out on. Daylight Savings is da bomb. So, yeah, my circadian rhythms are shot and I'm up late at night rambling about spark plugs, pulling Gs, Daylight savings, acceleration and no-so-subtly asking for radio interviews to help promote the project. There's a tie-in here though. I really think it's time to drop the clutch on one red paperclip and make this happen. Burn a little rubber for show at first to please the crowd, then work through the gears and hit the finish line at top speed. I think right now, with the recording contract, we're at about 4000 RPMs in second gear and just getting read to shift into third. Yeah, the on-ramp meters are off and I'm about to slam it in third and merge onto the freeway. Remember though, the Corolla's got five gears, so we've still got a ways to go before the house. It's gonna be a lot of fun, hard work over the next little bit, but I have a feeling that third, fourth and fifth gears are gonna rule. You know that part in Top Gun when the F-14 lifts off the deck and the synthesizer bass line for "Highway to the Danger Zone" kicks in? Yeah, that's pretty much right now. Kenny Logins, you are my hero - Kyle.


Keith said...

Hey Kyle,

Heard your interview on Fred Macaulay's show on BBC Scotland, so I thought I would check the site out. Very cool idea. Unfortunatley, I have nothing comparable here in Edinburgh to trade but you should totally get in touch with tv shows over here as most people in the UK watch 5 main stations and you would get massive amounts of coverage. Also the British public love things like this..such as Dave Gormans exploits in the past.

My thoughts on the trade at the moment...the tattoo thing does sound cool but it narrows your trading potential, so having experienced mexican beach living in a hut for 5 months I would say go for it.. I would have preferred a house on the carribean side but hey, beggars can't be choosers. I'm sure something bigger or better will turn up or a house. If you get a house soon will you trade again until you can trade for a mansion???

Anyway sounds good and I will spread the word about the site and I know a few bands who are just hitting the scottish scene over here and could do with some proffesional recording time, you never know they might be able to give you a scottish trade.

Hope you get your house.


Anonymous said...

"I did a phone interview live on BBC Scotland last night. It was great. One of the hosts, Richard Cadley, went out into the "high street" and started trading stuff live on-air."

Oooooh...the bugger! That sounds much better than my idea! I'm presently at an "instant lunch": Coupon for a sandwich + 2 bottles of Coke + large bag of 'potato chips' :-)! I'll keep ya informed.


Mike said...

Actually, Indiana is now observing daylight savings time. A bill recently passed to make the switch. However, I think there are some counties that will end up in the central time zone while the majority of the state moves to the eastern time zone. It's really messed up.