Yahk doesn't observe Daylight Savings Time

Learn something new every day. From Diana: "Hey Kyle, Just thought you would like to know that Yahk, B.C. does NOT change time either. The sign moves from the top of the Salmo Creston summit to about 10 km east of Yahk every time the time changes. So you could add Yahk, B.C. to your list. Cheers Diana" Wherever my house ends up being located, I'm going to make sure this is the case. Change time just by moving a sign. Makes way more sense to me to move ONE sign than dozens of clocks. I'm all about the one-sign method. That, or find myself a DeLorean and enough ashpalt to hit 88MPH. And apparently, Indiana's in on the clock changing now too. From Mike: "Actually, Indiana is now observing daylight savings time. A bill recently passed to make the switch. However, I think there are some counties that will end up in the central time zone while the majority of the state moves to the eastern time zone. It's really messed up." You're telling me. Indiana has no idea what they're getting into. Changing clocks is serious business. Do you think there are more smoke detectors with dead batteries in places that don't observe daylight savings time? I bet the battery companies are behind the daylight savings conspiracy. You just know if we ever voted to scrap changing the clocks that somebody would complain about dead batteries in smoke detectors. I bet sales of 9 volt batteries go up in Indiana. I bet Vegas is taking bets on that. So it looks like everybody changes their clocks forward except for Arizona, Saskatchewan, a few renegade counties in Indiana, and Yahk. Sandford Fleming must be rolling in his grave. Speaking of death, I hereby proclaim that the keytar is officially dead. Behold the surftar! Just imagine what that whammy bar sounds like. I bet that guys stays up all night long every night. Rock Ten - Kyle

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Kai said...

My, my, but (among a couple of other places) you left out the state of HI (i.e., Hawaii)!