¡Hola amigos y amigas! Bienvenidos a un clip rojo. A GREAT Spanish link here. Man, Spanish is so awesome. I've always wanted to use upside down punctuation marks. So much cooler than not using upside-down punctuation marks ¿Why don't we have upside-down punctuation marks in English? ¡Seems like a good idea to me! Somebody needs to really get on this - start a petition to Webster or one of those dictionary types. Maybe I'll just start using them and see what happens. ¿What do you think? ¿Good idea? So, today's website stats say that one in five visitors here are from Spain. Probably because a dude from Spain named Raúl Herranz is attempting to trade from a shoe to a house. More specifically, a right shoe to a house. He got himself a pretty stompin' article in El Mundo, a massive newspaper in Spain. Way to go Raúl! I wish you the best of luck. Remember, I'm all about other people starting one red paperclip-ish trading games. There's more than enough stuff in the world for lots of people to have a crack at this! So whatcha waiting for? Get out there and start trading! Been a crazy last few days around here. I spent Friday and Saturday with the Aussie crew from Beyond Tomorrow. Really neat to watch people make a segment for a TV show. Amazing how much work goes into shooting a six minute segment. Thanks again guys, tons of fun. Look for the segment to air sometime this year on the Discovery Channel. I'll keep you posted on the air date when I find out! I had some very, very interesting phone calls last Friday. Some phone calls with people I never imagined I'd speak with. Some very cool people that have the ability to take this project to a complete new level. I'm gonna be vague here, because details are still sketchy, but I will say that the publicity/notoriety aspect that comes with the recording contract may become GREATLY enhanced by some recent developments on the one red paperclip front. More details soon, I promise. If you want the recording contract, now's the time to step up to the plate and make an offer. I'm going to decide soon. So, I'll score you the details when I get 'em, but it looks like the one red paperclip project may become something much bigger than I ever imagined. Stay tuned, and have fun - Kyle PS- I'm now officially a Hollywood film producer.


Jenny said...

Kyle, no kidding, I squee'd with anticipation! You are almost in the same league as my dad when he knows he got me an awesome Christmas present and hints at it constantly starting in July! It's like waiting in line to get a copy of a new Harry Potter book, the time creeping slowly to midnight. It's like waiting for the ketchup to come out of a freshly opened glass bottle; when it does it is always surprizing.

Are those enough similies? I could think of more...

Anonymous said...

Great to hear Kyle ;) looking forward to any developments on this front...!

Your pal,
Noel (The Irish guy!)

StingIndigo said...

[Hell yeah!, Of course Spanish Language is Wonderful!]

I got surprised when i was sneaking on the website and watched your post named "HOLA".

It was cool and i dropped out a very big surprised and read carefully.

SO... u decided to get the record deal... Wow!... Let's see who'd be the one or the ones who'll offer a thing for that deal... i'd offer my Compaq PC but, first, i still need it, second it's a little old, [it's pentium Celeron, 64MB RAM, 15GB HD]and third and most important... it's not worthy economically than the record deal. And the worst is that i dont have anything to offer, but my services working for someone for certain amount of time ROFL... who'll need that a bilingual Mexican, be a certain kind of slave. Am i crazy for offering my own freedom and time, and life and anything else im missing to get a record deal in return?... mmm dont know LOL... but there are things that a man must [or shall] do before he dies... to write a book, to have a son, to plant a tree and [i added this]record an album.

ROFL... what am i saying.. maybe its the hour. I havent sleep well this last days...

So... Hasta La Vista, Compadre.