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Man, is it ever hard to decide what to take for the recording contract. Have you checked out the offers yet? If you want to trade for any of the things I've been offered - please don't hesitate to let me know about it. It will make my choice a lot easier. Hey, why not email me at and tell me what you think I should take. I really need some help with this one. Tweaked the website a bit list night. Do you like the new feel? I just came to the realization today that if I plan to trade up to a house by July 12th of this year, I have less than four months to go. Seing how I've made nine or so trades in the last eight months, it looks like I've got my work cut out for me. Gonna be a lot of hard work to make this happen - something I'm totally up for - but lots of work nonetheless. I'm actually quite surprised by the lack of response for the recording contract. This is a seriously good contact folks! It comes with 30 hours of studio time, 5o hours post production as well as transportation to/from Toronto from prety much anywhere on the planet! You also get accomodations in Toronto and Brendan's got some great online distribution lined up with folks like Napster et al. You pretty much show up in Toronto with your instruments and songs, and leave with a professional quality album ready for the record store. It'd be really hard to put a dollar value on the recording contract because it comes attached with the notoriety/publicity in being involved with this project. (not something I like to throw around or boast about - but come on!) I am going to write a book about my trading adventure, so think of all the press you'll get over the years when people read the book! There's also the opportunity to sell the album through this website and if/when I appear on more TV shows and the like, I'll be more than happy to hold up your album! Feel free to call me on my cell at 514-833-3980 if you have any questions about the recording contract or just really want to chat about the project or whatever. I just got a call from a guy in Byron Bay Australia who plans to start with a red paperclip and trade his way up to a truck, then drive the truck to Ayers Rock. So that's always fun. Random calls from Australia. I've also had a few calls over the last month or so, from "anonymous" callers, (I think they one of those number masking thingys, like *72 or something) Anyhow, these "anonymous" callers ring up and then when I say hello, they quickly hang up without saying anything. Yes, that's my real number. If you're gonna prank call, you might as well say something funny. If this is you, you definitely need to see this. I've been struggling to concentrate on one red paperclip lately. I have, as my cousin Ty calls it, 'shiny object syndrome'. Yep, I'm like a crow. Whenever I see something interesting I quickly shift focus and get totally over-involved in a completely tangental project that has little or no scope as to what I should be doing. It seems strange to say it, but trying to trade from a red paperclip to a house has really grounded me. In a good way. I kind of like the fact that if I don't make it to the house I'll be a total chump. It sure is a great way to keep from procrastinating. I guess I need to be contstantly reminded that I'm doing this project. A red paperclip doesn't exactly turn itself into a house. There's a lot of stuff to distract me from making trades. Luckily, I've had people like Lionel Ritchie when I needed him most. So, big plans are afoot to crank this up a few notches and make the trades happen. I want to have a big Barbeque at the house on July 12th. It so has to happen. If you have any means whatsoever of helping spread the word about the recording contract, please do so. I really want to make a decision on this soon. have a good one - Kyle

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