Videos From Yahk

These are a bit jiggly, probably because my mom taped them off the TV, illegally, but they get the point across. Hopefully she doesn't have to go to jail. **These might be very slow to load - but they will work.** Intro to the show: Some more intro: Trade 1: (with an awesome gay animal segue) Some of the show: (my mom and dad and Dom are in the background here) George Stroumboulopoulos carpet bowling: Video of my second trade: The deal stands. I will take the cube van anywhere in the world (especially Yahk BC) for the right offer. Big thanks to George Stroumboulopoulos and everybody at The Hour on CBC Newsworld for showing up and filming the trades. You made my Mom's job way easier! Please don't throw her in jail for posting these here. I need her around to cut my hair. Stay tuned for the video of my second trade on the show as well as those radical videos of Dan and I kissing goats. have fun, kyle

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