Lee and Dorothy

Last week, I met up with Lee and Dorothy in Yahk. I was intrigued to meet Lee as soon as I saw/heard his interview(watch the link) with George Stroumboulopoulos on The Hour. CIMG5489 Dan and I spent a few hours hanging out with Lee and Dorothy. Dan and I were fortunate enough to hear Lee Rose read from two books that he's written. Cool stories about time travel and North American Native spirituality that really struck a chord with Dan and I. We're not flakes. His stories are good. Lee told us that he was born in the same state as Mark Twain (Missouri). I think he's got a bit of Twain's magic in his storytelling. Something you can't quite put your finger on. Something special. His wife Dorothy raises Maltese dogs. I've never entered a house with so many white dogs before. Definetely an experience. Video of Dorothy's Maltese Dogs in action: The dogs even have special chips that tell you their REAL identity: Link to the website for Dorothy's Maltese Dogs: http://dorothysmaltesedogs.com/ If you're interested in one of Dorothy's Maltese dogs, please give Lee or Dorothy a call at 250-424-5043. They live in Yahk BC Canada and will like to meet you! Thanks Lee and Dorothy, it was very cool to hang out with you guys. I can't wait to go back to Yahk. talk to you soon, and have fun, Kyle PS Somewhat unrelated - but very timely: *New* - www.dogsbarkingincars.com

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