Back From Yahk

IMG_3682 I'd like to thank everyone who made Yahk possible. It was amazing. IMG_3666 All the Yahktivists for being such good sports and having fun with all this. Everyone who signed the petition. Without all of you it would've never happened in the first place. This wasn't some backroom deal between the CBC and I, it was totally real. I still can't believe The Hour did a live show from Yahk. Too good. Thanks for being, in the words of Penny AP Anderson, "The right town to mess with." Super huge thanks to everyone at Snowriders West for offering the Trip to Yahk and Back. Special mention to Kerry and Jeff from Snoriders for having the insane fun marketing smarts. Genius. I never saw it coming. Bruno and Garry from Cintas for taking the trip to Yahk in exchange for the cube van. (And giving me a way to get the snowmobile to Yahk from Montreal) George Stroumboulopoulos and everyone at The Hour for doing the live show from Yahk -a feat that'll be hard to top, I'm sure. (Sorry, Claire, for not saying New York City....I'm sure you'll get there one day.) CIMG5460 Bonus plugs to Powder Hounds Snowmobile Tours for providing the snowmobiles to get to Yahk (call Dan or Chris at 250-427-0022), Kimberley Alpine Resort for the day of skiing and the comfy bed at The Residence Inn Marriot, and Baffin Boots for the hardcore snowmobiling boots! It was nuts, and I'm totally fried. 6500kms (4000 miles) of driving the cube van in a week, plus haircut from mom, plus snowmobiling, plus National TV show, plus made two trades in Yahk, plus a couple of days skiing, plus kissed a goat. I don't have a copy of the show yet, but Jeff Cooper shot this video that gives you a feel for what kind of stuff was going on:
Gonna chill out for a few days, update this website with awesome videos from the trip, then decide what I'm going to trade the cube van for. If you're holding out on your offer for the cube van, now'd be a good time to send it in to me at . I will drive the cube van ANYWHERE in North America for FREE and make the trade before the end of the month. If you're overseas, well, that whole logistcs thing is kinda a bit of a sore spot, but I will take the cube van anywhere in the world - especially Yahk, British Columbia, Canada. There's more pictures from Yahk than you can shake a stick at on my flickr page: and the Yahk BC flickr page: Anyhow, talk to you soon. Stay tuned for some Yahktastic videos, including one of Dan and I kissing goats. Kyle PS I'm in Vancouver now. Chillin' with the folks. Not home, but kinda like "home west" I guess. If you need to get a hold of me, call my cell: 514-833-3980 IMG_3744 they came all the way from Seattle CIMG2996 CIMG2984 CIMG5451


terri said...

I just happened upon your site and think it's fab. If I had something to trade I'd do it in a flash. Unfortunately if you want anything bigger than a small plastic goldfish, I'm not your girl.
But here's hoping some kind soul with a couple of spare mansions just lying around sees the truck and "has to have it".

sQuink said...

Thanks for the 'quick' chat!