Ricky Not Kyle

Hung out with Ricky today in Belcarra. That's Ricky not Kyle. You might have heard me mention Ricky before. As in every time I say my name is "Kyle, not Ricky." Ricky is my cousin Carmen's husband. Ricky gave me his Cintas shirt (with his name on it) as a bit of a joke last year on July 12. That same day I put the red paperclip up for trade. Well, Ricky's shirt inadvertedly became my trading uniform and when Bruno from Cintas saw me on the cover of Le Journal de Montreal last November, he knew he had to get involved in the project by trading the trip to Yahk for the cube van. So here we are, Kyle not Ricky, and Ricky not Kyle: momcamrickykyle (4) momcamrickykyle (8) momcamrickykyle (7) We shot a fun video too:
It'd be pretty cool if Ricky and I formed some sort of advanced specialized trading duo. The kind of duo that could take out other duos in trading duels. This is important, because I often find myself in trading duels with other duos. But I live in Montreal and Ricky lives in Vancouver. I guess we'll just hafta keep our Cintas-shirted duoism as one of those special event sort of things. Till next time, Kyle PS vital links: Ricky Bobby & Nacho Libre PPS one red paperclip was featured on Rocketboom today. Choiceness.


Bernice said...

Cool! You were in Balcarra! I live nearby and have been reading your blog for a while. Too bad I couldn't have met you. I should talk to my brother-in-law and see if he has anything to trade for the recording contract because he writes his own music and plays guitar. Unfortunately, he hasn't gotten any contracts or anything yet.

StellaBeebop said...

Kyyyyyyyyle. I recently saw a story on "Beyond Tomorrow." (The show about tomorrow and...stuff! you the know the one i'm sure, you were on it, though i'm not sure if it was an Aussie who took the pics of you with your laptop in the States? i think it was...Aaaanyway) It was about you! :D I'm in Australia (and i see you want to buy the Castle House? cool, though i never saw the movie)I thought that was the coolest thing. I also thought how you should let me in on this bartering business. So what do you say? wanna trade some stuff? ; ) Don't know what exactly, but do ya wanna? yah? yah?