Cube Van East

Leaving Vancouver Today. Going East through Canada. Gonna meet with brendrum in Toronto next week to trade the cube van for the recording contract. Just had a chat with Sara on City TV's Breakfast Television in Vancouver. Just as the interview was about to start, I got a phone call from Gary and Philly at MORE FM in Rotorua New Zealand. Tip: turn cell phones off for TV interviews, unless you like awkward fun starts....which are fun. If you want to interview me, call my cell phone at 514-833-3980. Maybe we can interupt TV shows and stuff. So, yeah. Time to drive. Lots. 4500 kms/3000miles. If you drive on the Trans Canada Highway this week you'll probably see a lot of this: CIMG3173 and this: CIMG3172 and maybe some of this: CIMG3171 If you need a ride going East, call me on my cell at 514-833-3980. My route's probably gonna be Vancouver-Whistler-Kamloops-Banff-Calgary-Regina-Winnipeg-Thunder Bay-Wawa-Toronto. There's a couch in the back, and today I found a free moutain bike, so if you want to pull over and go mountain biking I can probably make it happen. I'll try to post again from the road. Till then, Kyle

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Mich said...

hey... just saying that your bringning the cube van to my pal lol, brendrum that is... Stop in Blind River for a coffee at Tim Horton`s! small town, but feels like home... anyway, have a safe and wondeful trip! (by the way, the hardest part is driving through the prairies...i`ve done it... good luck to ya!)