WOW relay

I'm just gearing up to drive from Vancouver to Toronto to trade the cube van for the recording contract. Another biggie. Lots of days on the road. Prit' near darn across the entire country. But I'll be in a cube van. It's not like I'm going to drive across North America on a snowmobile or anything. That'd be crazy. But that's exactly what a group of women are doing. They are riding across Canada for the Way Out Women (WOW) Polaris relay. I met up with Cora Tschetters of SnoridersWest a few weeks ago when I was in Yahk. She departs from Grande Prairie Alberta today to begin her leg of the relay across British Columbia. Cora will ride for nine days and cover 1200 kilometers / 750 miles. On a snowmobile. Not bad Cora, not bad. cora The Way Out Women are doing the ride to raise awareness for breast cancer, a worthy cause that hits pretty close to home for me. I hope you get a chance to swing over to the website for the relay and support the Way Out Women. I'm sure they've had quite the ride. You can follow Cora's progress and read more about the relay on the Polaris Snomobileswebsite. Click here for a scedule of the relay. Have a good ride, Kyle

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