Dan and Kyle kiss goats

I think you'll agree with me - these videos push this website into a whole new realm. Dan and I were lucky enough to meet up with Mike Mitchell of Goat Mountain Soap Factory in Yahk. Mike's a super nice guy who owns a soap factory that has white goats on the roof. He issued us the kiss a goat challenge. (Cameraman Dan gets a bit carried away and throws the video camera sideways, so get ready to turn your head to the right for a portion...) Dan got in on the action too: Yeah. I can't believe he said it either. When people say things like that, you issue a silent prayer to our iconic technological forefathers who founded this little thing called the internet. Safe to say, Minnie definitely was the cutest goat. Dan and I will wear our 'Kissed the Goat' T-shirts with pride. CIMG5505 If you make it to Yahk, be sure to drop by and see Mike at Goat Mountain Soap Factory. Just look for the roof with the goats on it. Till next time, Kyle

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