Yahk or Bust

I've always wanted to say that.

Here's a video of me driving the snowmobile into the cube van: Yeah, it was fun. I'd like to give a big blog out to Justin Desrosiers. Justin held onto the camera for long enough to make that video and held onto the snowmobile for long enough for me to figure out how I was going to get the snowmobile to Yahk.

If you need some cement work done around Montreal, look no further. Justin's your man. He speaks French, English and Aussie. His main business is concrete, but he stores snowmobiles in his garage on the side.


Now I just gotta get the Cintas truck dirty so I can write "Yahk or Bust" on the back with my right index finger.

And drive 3000 miles.

BIG NEWSFLASH: The Hour wants a big crowd in Yahk for the show. Come join us in Yahk. Be in the crowd! Come say hi to George Stroumboulopoulos! You gotta be in Yahk at 5pm MST on Thursday Feb. 9th. There's gonna be a chili cook out! See you there. To find out how to get to Yahk: click here. It's easy to get to Yahk. Yahk is only 300 miles from Walla Walla Washington.

Man, I can't wait to get to Yahk. My Mom is gonna be there. I totally need a haircut. Mom, if you read this, bring the scissors. Have fun, Kyle PS Wanna see the best road sign in the whole world? PPS This is a great article. Thanks Haven, whoever you are. You nailed it.


Unknown said...

Hey, just stumbled in on your site here and I have concluded that what you are doing is totally awesome and/or hilariously ridiculous.
Keep it up.

~The Benster! (One must always sign one's name with an exclamation mark if one wishes to get anywhere in life.)

dinah34 said...

i just stumbled upon this as well and i am enthralled by what you will receive next and what you will end up with in the end. perhaps you might end up with the world?

Useless Man said...

QUESTION: How do you get the snowmobile OUT of the truck now?

Anonymous said...

Yahk or Bust sounds like something I used to aim for in college.

Ah, the memory of a misguided youth.