The plot thickens

This video rules. I can't wait to meet Lee Rose. Carpet bowling is the best. George Stroumboulopoulos is going down. Yahk is back on the map: Oh yes. It sure is. We're leaving in the cube van for Yahk in 5 hours. I think we should throw down a carpet bowling challenge. It'll be the carpet bowling championship of the world. It will be ... Carpet Bowl 2006: Clash of the Titans. The first Yahk-off. see you then, Kyle PS Come to Yahk on Thursday February 9th for a LIVE broadcast of The Hour on CBC Newsworld. There's going to be a FREE pancake breakfast and a FREE Chili cookout. And carpet bowling. PPS Rumor has it there is a roof in Yahk with goats on it. PPPS Goats.


the peregrine said...

You're a genius dude!

bellxone said...

hi i am french, its my first time, and i like this page ! :)
i will come back oftently

come to visit me :)

i am on

Anonymous said...

Kyle, this project is awesome.
Yahk should be great with the promise of carpet bowling, no cell service, poker,chili feasts, and pancakes. Do you have a bowling shirt? I loved Lee Rose on the Hour last night.

Anonymous Actress said...

sounds great!
I read about you in the London Metro.
Good luck with the house!
Can I come to the house warming party!?

Wendy said...

Hi Kyle!
Just to let you know you're even more international now - I read about your website this morning in the Metro newspaper. Love it, keep it up!
Wendy B, from Birmingham, UK

Peter said...

Hi what would you trade for a Haircut in New York City?

Barbara said...

I love your blog . Brilliant Idea. I will be watching The Hour to see all the fun. On my own Blog I was begging George for a job. Your idea is much better.

Hush Person said...

If you want to see goats on a roof, you should go to Radium Hot Springs and find the wood carver with the town official hanging from his front porch.