Live From Yahk Feb 9 The Hour CBC Newsworld

Yup, it's official. The Hour with George Stroumboulopoulos on CBC Newsworld is doing a live broadcast from Yahk, B.C. on February 9th. (schedule here -check your postal code - It's set to Montreal on the link) I'm so excited about this. Finally, the hypnotic spell George Stroumboulopoulos put me under will be broken and a trade can finally take place in Yahk. Big thanks to everyone who signed the petition. A special thanks to Brent Lauinger for setting up the petition and making Yahk possible. It was signed by 1267 People last time I checked. That's three times the population of Yahk! Yahktastic. I know it looks like I've hummed and hawed to make my decision for what I'm going to trade the cube van for, but I'll let you in on a little secret: I need the cube van to transport one famous skidoo out to Yahk to trade with Jeff and everybody at SnoRiders West. Yeah, I've still got the snowmobile. But not for long. I will drive the cube van from Montreal to Yahk with my Dad and my buddy Dan. Bruno and a friend are flying from Montreal to Yahk. (They made the trade for one trip to Yahk, they get to fly). I can't wait to drive the cube van out west. Yahk's gonna be fun. The Kootenay Rockies region of B.C. is rad. I also can't wait to drive a giant truck across the plains in the middle of winter. Our route is going to roughly be Montreal-Toronto-Detroit-Chicago-Minneapolis-The Dakotas-Montana-Yahk. I'm excited about The Dakotas. I've never been to either Dakota before. I hope we see some buffaloes. Who knows, maybe we'll even sneak into Idaho for a little bit. It's been months since I was in the Gem State. Yahk's gonna be funner than playing a violin backwards on a bike. Kyle


Matthew Fink said...

Hey Kyle, heard you on KRQ 93.7 in Tucson yesterday morning and thought your story was really cool. Who would have know that a cool idea like yours would form a great story. I will you the best of luck with your quest and to be honest it has inspired me to continue to persue my desires and reach my goals. Thanks a lot for sharing your story with many people in Southern Arizona.

Anonymous said...

Hi Kyle,
I use to live in Yahk, the key word being USE to. I am sure you could trade up quickly from your three day trip, My goodness 3 whole days , what to do.I lived there for 6 years and i count my lucky stars that i am no longer there. The small town is nice but watch the gossip and don't say anything you don't want the whole town to know.TRADE TRADE TRADE.!!!!Moving on and moving up is not that hard.
Moved on and glad