Unlike yesterday, I didn't write a single rhyme today. Unlike yesterday, I didn't write 250 rhymes today either. However, unlike yesterday, today I DID stack 6 cords of wood in Dom's Grandma's basement. 6 cords of wood is a lot.

Bois is french for wood.
Brisebois means 'Brokenwood'.

I guess every time Patrice Brisebois steps onto the ice, Quebecois TV announcers cross their fingers in the hope that he will break his stick so they can unleash their latest hilarious isn't-it-so-ironic wisecrack Brisebois-breaking-his-stick comment. Although, this would only ever occur on a station like SRC and it'd be in French and Brisebois might not use a wood stick, so the chance that any of us will ever witness such an event is extremely low.

Which, of course, makes it so much more awesome.


Oh yeah, I'm also pretty upset with this shirt. Some people are so mean.

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