Sweeping Changes

Finally got around to making some big changes to my internet presence. Over the next little bit, goingpostal3000.com will become kylemacd.com and I'll create independent sites for one red paperclip and Message in a Barrel. The site might be down over the next few days, so don't fret, just a little old fashioned website maintenance going on.

Here's temporary drafts of the new websites (these are superhack right now, but will get better and better)


Let me know what you think needs to go on these sites. The domain names will be:


(goingpostal3000.com will be buried deep in the earth, I pretty much just used it cause it was the first name that came to mind, don't ask why.)

I really want to get independent RSS feeds going for all these sites. Rumour has it that syndication is sweeping the nation, and I want to get swept up in the fun.

In related sweeping news, a bunch of us, including Dom, me, Matt and Fanny went curling last night. It was awesome.




Yes, this is a head or tails MACHINE. Leave it to the curlers to blow minds. Leave it to the curlers.


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