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Kyle MacDonald

Feel free to take ANYTHING from this website for your article / blog post about one red paperclip. HIGH RES pictures of everything can be found on the one red paperclip Flickr page.


Gabriel Vieira said...

Hey kyle,
i'm from BraSil, and discovered your website yesterday.I liked it a lot! First of all I thought you were crazy, but this crazy man will trade a paperclip for a house! Very good idea to put portuguese version of the first page.
I would like to trade something with you, but a snowmobile won't be useful here in Brasil.

Keep on trading and you will get a house!
I hope!


Nic said...

Hi Kyle:
While reading my german news-service Tagesschau here in Mexico, I found an article about your red-paperclip and : I liked it!
Hope I'll find the time a little later to help you out with the spanish translation, but while this happens, why not have a look at my blog and start trading for a red pot?
Good luck for you, and hope to see you folks around my site soon!
Best regards, Nic

annie said...

hi kyle,
annie here. jon repp from komo 1000 just came to my house to interview me about our trade. i still have my wonderful fish pen. it was great. i told him how charismatic you are and my initial interest in answering your craigs list post for one red paper clip. i mentioned its important to think outside the box and the importance of challenging the concept we have of value. you may want to add my email to the contact info because i'm not sure by googling me one could find it. if someone is interested in trading for my pen i am open. i am interested in getting a group of traders together to trade for land for a community based on the barter system. cool beans on the snow mobile. i passed on the mercedes to my son yesterday for his birthday so it's no longer available, think you may have surpassed it already anyway. big hugs and kisses


Anonymous said...

Wow... I'm speechless... This could possibly be the worst website I have ever visited in my entire life. Good job! Seriously tho I don't think I could make a worse website if I tried.

Russ said...

Saw u on CNN just now and HAD to check this out. Great idea, will be watching to see if you get the house...

Good Luck

(maybe ul get a house in Vegas!)

Portal Shops said...
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Portal Shops said...

Hi Kyale, I just saw your interview on CNN here in Dallas. I thought this was funny and thought it would be a good idea to checkout your website. I am an Internet marketer and my website is
This is a good idea and I am sure copycats will emerge very soon. Keep up with your good ideas

a short fat guy said...

Hey man, nice going on your journey. I have one of my own. I am selling a Red paper Clip on eBay. I'm trying to become a big hit like you. I'm not saying its yours or anything. Not trying to take away your fame or anything. I just want to see what a short fat guy can do these days.

elisabeast said...
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elisabeast said...
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Elisabeast said...

Hi Kyle,

I just saw you on Canada AM. What an awesome idea. I'm quite impressed. Good luck with it.

Elizabeth Hopkins
Halifax, NS

Anonymous said...

why do i have to register to listen to your podcast?
From, Sue "wants things easy and anonymous" B., N.J.

Anonymous said...

I came to your website to call you an idiot. Why don't you work for a living and buy yourself a house. Another stray weed in a field of idiots...yes you are.

crazyalex said...

hey kyle,

i just saw your site as i was searching for a topic for a speech and you inspired me! my speech is all about your site, think of it as free advertising... The title is "the value of one red paperclip" and i'll send you a copy if you want it, neways just letting you know i like the idea and keep trading


Anonymous said...

Hi Kyle,

I heard your radio interview on San Francisco's NRG 92.7 this morning and came to check out your website. I had a blast reading your blog and seeing the pics. Good stuff!

I'm a Canadian living here in SF... props to you for taking all those comments about the "hinterland," "nothing to do in Montreal" and Canada being "behind the times" with grace and good humor. They just don't know how good it is back home!!

kyle said...

yeah, but it DID snow yesterday....and it's April.

Anonymous said...

I heard about you from a radio station out of Fresno ca. softrock 98.9. I hope you accomplish your goal!

Anonymous said...

With all the bad things happening in the world, it is hard to believe that a red paper clip can bring us all together.

Anonymous said...

Yo man, you inspired me to barder too. Right now i have an offer:my hockey stick for a friend's old bicycle! i hope i will get as far as you are now.

Anonymous said...

Hey, just wanted to let you know that a local radio station (104.1, WJRR, Monsters in the Morning) did a one day red paper clip inspired bit this past week. They sent out 3 personalities into the Orlando area with various stuff from around the office. The host Russ Rollins repeatedly referred to your website and why you decided to start it. You've reached Orlando. Great Job...Ken

Anonymous said...

Just read your story. I couldn’t fathom anybody actually trading a house for something. But I just found a house for trade on craigslist. Thought I would share the listing with you. Good luck.

Anonymous said...

You No i thought this was so carzy when i heard of it but hey good luck to you hopefully you get a house out of it :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Kyle,
You had me for a few weeks but the trade for the globe was, well, let's just say I wish you the best of luck and your off my bookmarks.

Take care,

Anonymous said...

Dom is hot! More Dom pics!

Anonymous said...

Hi Kyle,
I'm Yuri from Japan.I saw you on a TV show about a couple of months ago and was amazed to your idea and experience.And I just read the news that you finally made such a great corp of getting a house!!! This is really incredible.Many people must be surprized and encouraged with your success.You have proved that nothing is impossible.I am so excitng to hear your next go!Good luck!

Best regards,Yuri

fekadu said...

Hi, shalom

that is a good start good luck.By the way i watched u on CTV news.u r doing something that others have never thought about.


Tammy said...

saw your story on CNN. congrats.

Anonymous said...

Vi tu nota en un diario Argentino. Me inspira a tratar de lograr algo similar y tan bueno por aca. Felicitaciones!!!

Anonymous said...

hey kyle....yer a genius! and, i know you have a girlfriend, but yer uber-cute! best of luck in the new house!

Herbert K said...

Hi Kyle,
I watched your story on cnn this morning and was very highly impressed.
I am Herbert from GHANA the West-African country that kicked USA out of the WORLDCUP tournament ha ha ha ha.
I am a Graphic /Web Developer.
Keep trading Kyle and you will get there.

Anonymous said...

Seeing things like this make me feel inferior and dumb. Congrats though.

Anonymous said...

hey there dude just seen ya story on 4 news here in england and i just wanted to say good job what you did was very impressive

Joanna Fugardi said...

Hello Kyle....
I want to let you know you are one of those bright spots in a world that has become so congested with garbage. You made my day special by allowing me to know that simple and nice and kind and fun still exists. As someone else said; "isn't it interesting that a small thing like a red paperclip can bring people together?." Thank you again..

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on achieving your quest. You have proven that someone with an idea and sheer determination, an understanding of the power of technology, and a willingness to undertake risk, can achieve even the most daunting goal. You are an example of the power of individual initiative. Many of us could learn something from your undertaking. Good luck to you in the future.

Best Regards from Seattle

Anonymous said...

well i suppose its something different ...way to go...

Anonymous said...

You are a good guy deserve it..congratulations on your new house and keep it was so much fun to read it..mebbe someday i will trade something with you..:)

Anonymous said...

hurrah from montreal (charlie's american pub)

wendy miller said...

Hello, I'm writing you from Naples, FL. I read about you on yahoo! and then clicked through to your blog. As a Realtor in Naples, FL I say congratulations to you! Many happy years there, and be sure to visit our sunny state someday!

Terrie said...

Hey Kyle,
Congrats on your bit of good fortune. You truly are an entrepreneur for the times. Keep up the good work. By any chance are you related to any MacDonald’s in up state NY? If so we could be cousins! Your next project could be a 6 degrees of separation sort of thing!
Take care!
Terrie Meyer

Anonymous said...

Hi Kyle!
I'm Pavel and I'm from Czech Republic in Central Europe. Maybe you know about us because ice hockey.
I saw your story in TV and I'm excited! You changed one paper clip for a house! It was great idea.
In my country I can't do things like that. Nobody will give you anything for paper clip here. But in your country it's possible.Keep on trading!
P.S. I'm sorry. My english is not good good.. =o)

Anonymous said...

hey you anonymous who said kyle should work for a living and buy a house. why don't you try to save for a DEPOSIT for a house in a year, i'll see how far you get. I'm not enen talking about the morgage...
Great move Kale!!! to turn one papar clip into so much publicity... What's next Kale, walking on water?

teenydawn said...

Hey Kyle!!

That is so awesome that you did this.. Congrats to you and your girlfriend, best of luck in the future!

Best wishes,

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Hey Kyle!! First off way to go I knew you could do it when I first heard about it, my question to you is the girl who traded you the fishpen, well I think its my neice! I seen the first name of the 2 girls but is ones last name Haight and she is from Cwood Ontario originaly? I sorta remember her talking to me bout a red paperclip last time we spoke, well again way to go buddy!!! Oh ya if it is her please let me know at, this would be as cool as when I met Wayne Gretky lol, bye aunt Sue.

Anonymous said...


You are one crazy ass guy! Your IDEA is a brilliant scheme! I saw start tonite! What will I offer to trade, I yet have to figuere that out..hum? Green paper clip? hum?

Dont forget to liste to 93.5 kday,

Ning said...

Hell Kyle,
I'm form thailand,i see you on thai you so cool.n' so good idea.i would like to talk to you.Pls contact with me at mail.
I hope!
Bye Bye *-*

Victor S. said...

Hi, Kyle!

Please, share the your experience on an exchange of a paper clip for the house.
On work I have a whole case of paper clips, and I wish to change them for settlement on Canary Islands. What should I make for this purpose?

Lizzy said...

hey Kyle,
im from Australia, its 12 of july and today there was a show on T.V (Beyond Tomoro) and they had your story on it. sounds like your having fun and i wish you all the best.

Thomas Frost said...

Hey I just saw you on Byond Tommorow in Australia. Good lucky getting the house that you want.

Anonymous said...

Hi Kyle,
Congratulations, your story has reached Australia. Just saw it on the show "Beyond Tomorrow". A house for a paperclip, all I can say is well bloody done :D I dont think something like that would work in Australia, but its amazing that you've gotten so far.
Brendan from Western Australia

Anonymous said...

Very Interesting Kyle,

Let's create a very modern cashless society. I live in Edmonton, AB Canada and I am thinking about the possiblility of becoming a Seniorpreneur by using some of your trading ideas. I intend to start with a USED in exceelent condition Titliest GOLF BALL with the GOAL of trading up to a golf course eventually.

I'm interested in any possible trades here.

My e-mail address is:


Joe Wasylyk
Seniorpreneur/Future Author

The Gent said...

Congratulations Kyle on reaching your goal and realising your dream. Just shows that you were right and anything is possible if you put your mind to it. Good luck with everything else you decide to put your mind to.

Babydoll_UK34 said...

Hi Kyle

One of the most inspiring stories I have ever read!!! Good luck with the book. Heard you on the radio saying you have never written a book before. Have you read Around Ireland with a Fridge by Tony Hawks? V funny and just as bizarre an idea.

Your story has reached York, UK

Will definately buy your book when it comes out...
Marie-Ann X

Anonymous said...


This is an awesome story man.

...But the website is crap.

liz said...

I also watched your story in Australia last night, but it said you got a house in Australia?? A house in Bonnie-doon that was in the movie "The castle" I Thought the house was in Canada? Is there two houses?

teddy said...

hi, i just saw u on tv in one of australia tv show.. wow, u r very famous now. good work kyle!

Jorn said...

Hihello there!

Great job,..! you make small things in life a fun thing :D
PS: News reached Holland (Europe)!

hope to hear from you in the future...
(guinness book of records)

Greets from holland, and have fun @ your new house!

Thommy said...

Wow Kyle, you have come a long way from that crazy kid I met my first day at UBC. Do you still have the dairy queen drive thru sign?
A house for a paperclip, eh? You are insane and brilliant. I always knew you'd end up doing something crazy amazing, but wow... You totally rock dude!
Thom (5th Salish)

Revelino said...

Hi Kyle,
Congratulations, your story is a hit at Australia, I bet everyone will try your way of trading ;D Yea I also like to try trading stuff just like you...Anyway hope you got that dream house hahaha.

Anonymous said...

hi i wathed beyond tomorrow and how did you do it and are you still going to do it?

Lorraine J said...

Hi Kyle,

I`m in Brisbane Australia, Saw the show last night, and it`s such a great achievement. If you need to trade some more I`ve got 2 restaurants by the water, which you could trade a dinner for two for, etc.
Love your story!

Anonymous said...

woa, dude! nicely done!! i would never have guessed that you could have done it! Anyway, I was wondering if you could help me with my friends' website at
could you give us some ideas to make it better, you could write it in the guestbook section. be honest, we're used to regection:)

April M. said...

Absolutely Amazing!!!! I wish I had thought of that crazy idea! I really need a new car....I wonder what a red stapeler would get me??? Lol.

Anonymous said...

Nicely done. Do you think anybody would trade anything for my wife?

Mummiet said...

Hi Kyle;

I am so impressed with your ingenuity and charisma! I say charisma because one would have to have a charming personality to make such an interesting trade! I would love to learn how to make trades like that! I'll keep an eye out for your next venture.

Anonymous said...

ntqfuvccThe world is truly an amazing place where if you can think it and believe it, then your chances are good that it will come through. Good for you and what a good lesson for everyone. I would like more info on what has to be done for the auditions in Kipling and on what date. Raymond

Anonymous said...

Well Congratulations!!

You have proven my thought that this world's goods are all about what someone is willing to pay (trade) for something no about their actual worth. I thought you had a silly idea when I first heard about you but was POSITIVE that you would get your house out of it.

Congratulations again!
Florida girl

Anonymous said...

Hello from beautiful San Antonio, Texas, home of the Alamo and our gorgeous River Walk. Red about your amazing idea on aol today and thought... hmmm... what if he rents out a room to his place for a week then he might have a really HUGE house next year. Just a thought. =)

Angie R. aka chorse

Anonymous said...

hey dude,
way to do us canadians proud. i heard about this long before you had acquired a house, and I am happy to see that you have reached superstar status- you're on the BBC web right now!!! hats off..keep planting those trees, watch out for them j roots...

Nana Marguerite said...

Hey Kyle, I am needing a small house with room to grow old gracefully somewhere nice. How can I do this trade thing?

D. C. said...

Awesome. Seriously, I wouldn't have thought you could start with a paperclip- a red paperclip, but a paperclip nonetheless- and get a house. :O

Anonymous said...

Hi Kyle,

Your story is amazing!!! I live in New Brunswick and am sitting here watching your story on 20/20. What a neat idea and good for you for seeing where it could take you. What an inspiration you are to others. I'm the same age as you and can't imagine doing what you've done. Enjoy your new house... you've certainly deserved it!


Tissy said...

Dont let these people get to you Kyle ...keep on trading...Its working isnt it?.....tissy

jeri jordan said...

I have something to trade for the role in the film....My name is Jeri Jordan and I am from Philadelphia, PA. I desparately need a role in a big film. Please contact me at would like to know what I should do. I have a tan leather sectional and a dinette set and they look new. here is the link from craigslist.
I just put them up for sale yesterday, but will trade for film role.

Danielle* said...

Hey Kyle,
I'm From St. John's Newfoundland, just watched 20/20 and was amazed how you went form a paper clip to a house. Very interesting. Actually its amazing !! l0l Seen the site come up so wanted to check it out. Best storey I heard in a while I loved it!!

Great Idea !! =]
- Danielle !

Beth =) said...

Hey, we used to play bigger or better all the time when I was younger. We always started with a penny and often times would end up with something that our youth group could actually use: a TV, video game system, a pool, and all kinds of food. I believe we even got a car one time (broken down, of course, but fixable), but I never would have imagined that someone could get a house out of the deal. How great!

Anonymous said...


I saw your story on 20/20 last night and I couldn't believe it!! I heard about it when you got one years free rent and did not think much of it. But to get a WHOLE HOUSE to call yours in ONE YEAR??? WOW!!!

Any commom person that stats from zero will not have a house in a year. It takes a whole lifetime, 30 years or so to get a house paid off.You got your self a house in ONE YEAR. Incredible!!!

You are amazing!!

Anonymous said...

You got a house in one year starting from nothing.

It takes people a whole lifetime.

You are amazing!!!

Anonymous said...

Someone who can trade up that much that quickly is someone to keep an eye on. Good luck on further ventures. Oh, and BTW, I love the website. Easy to navigate, nice pictures and classy. I hate sites that have too much flash and take forever to load. Good luck and take care!

chris said...

wow what an awsome story !!! don't hear about stuff like this on a daily we always hear about our troops loseing there lifes for us congrats on the new house hope you up grade to a house with a swiming poll ::::::::)

eric said...

whats supp man thats was pretty sweet i saw your thing on abc last night. i wonder what a green paperclip would do?

txpink2 said...

Okay Kyle, if ur red paper clip can get u a house show me how to get a bright silver VW bug. it has to be silver so the out side can be painted pastel pink & every time the door is opened there is a silver lining. I fought breast cancer in 03 chemo in 04 raditaion in o5 and surgery in 05, w/ more surgery to come 8-7-06. the jest of it all is to catch eyes and to save lives. so many women do not know they can save their own life from breast cancer. i want to get out into the rural areas in the southern states to help save lives. I can't stop[ cancer but I can slow it down. why a VW Bug, it respesents the old and the young. It will have eye lashes on the front head lights and eye brows painted above, and covered with pink ribbons. across the trunk in a smile it will say awareness and education will save lives. cancer is so dreadful, I do not want to see any woman go through what I did. I am ready to ready myself for a cross country paint it pink with style. I know life is not to be taken lightly. God bless you and don't stop with a house don't forget the pool. Jaimie in southeast Texas

deanie said...

Kyle....Fantastic story...Unfriggin believable!!! I saw the 20/20 special...So, I see you like to plant trees...well, how about taking your awesome story to todays youth? I happen to know quite a few kids that would enjoy planting with you. I'm a teacher in Long Branch, New Jersey...and I think if we collaborated...some cool things could really happen. What better way to teach kids that they can make anything they want happen...all you need is a dream and some perserverance...both of which you have...I loved your story...if you like my idea..and want to take your journey in another direction then contact me p.o.Box 142 Eatontown, nj, 07724...hope to hear from you soon!!

Jiyoung said...

hello Kyle
i saw the article that was about your red clip story in the newspaper in Korea. (hey have ya heard about Korea ? it's an Asia country where located between China n Japan. hope you know there)
at first, i thought it's a foolish joke and didnt believe it. but i found your site out and guess what - omg i was so surprized, its really friggin awesome !

i think the result was made with not only the luck but also your passion. lol
next time would u change my pen to a red sports car? lol

my mail address is
if u have a time send me an e-mail ! i really wanna hear from you what you feel now lol

congratulation !

Crysta said...

Hey Kyle im from Oregon and i saw your story on 20/20 and I thought it was so cool what you could do with that paperclip. but im not sure i would have traded the half day with Alice Cooper, but hey anything to own your own house. But you can inspire people because you have inspired me that anything is possible.

Anonymous said...

Hahahahaha! You got cahones boy! I was looking at the earlier comments. I wonder what the people who tried to dump on your idea think now!

What's your next swap going to be?


Azra pajic said...

Hey Kyle,
i was watching the news , and trading a paperclip for a house is just amazing, i would like to trade but no sure how to. amazing story good luck and keep it up.

bye bye,

Anonymous said...

Hi Kyle,
I'm from australia and i just saw a story on you on 60 minutes. Do you ever wonder where your red paper clip is now? or do you know?


mightyman said...

Selamat! My name is Del Keasberry...i'm from Brunei, but i work in Adelaide, Australia! I just watched one of the local programs called 60 Minutes - and there you were!

I am a bit of a destiny-chaser myself, and your story is inspiring. Thank you so much!

Master Blaster said...

hello there
i live in australia and i saw ur thing on 60 minutes
pretty good, but hey u shudve given me the snow globe, i like lights

Olivier said...

Hi Kyle,

I from France and i saw u'r story in a french paper, it's so impressive ! Good job, congratulation!
So, who have the famous red paperclip now ?

Really amazing story, good luck and take advantage of your house !


Anonymous said...

G'Day Kyle
Just saw you on 60 minutes down-under amazing the whole story congrats on your house - thinking outside the square it is spectacular
cheers mate

Crystal said...

Hey Kyle;
My name is Crystal, and I just wanted to say congratulations on your house!! That is so awesome for you! I hope you will be very happy there! I actually wanted to praise you for your ingenuity, no body thought it could be done, but here you are, You did it! You are actually sort of a mentor for my husband, who, after seeing your website decided to start his own trade. He started with a paperclip, just like you, and he's trying to trade up to a trip to mexico for our 5 year anniversary in December 2007. We've traded up to a one nights stay in an executive suite in one of the nicest hotels in our area!! We are currently taking offers on it, and it has been alot of fun so far! Hopefully we can reach our goal, just as you reached yours!! Thanks again for believing in the idea, and for inspiring us!! You are AWESOME!!!
Thanks again, Crystal

brettmtl said...

Hi Kyle,
Congrats on your house. You are an inspiration. Thanks for setting up your trading post. I have just done my first trade.
keep it up

Anonymous said...

We travelled from brandon manitoba just to see your house and to see Kipling. Good luck and fun to all on the September Long ...

Thorne said...

I've been kicking around this exact same idea for at least a decade now,but I never acted on it.I'm SO GLAD someone took the idea and ran with it!You have my utmost admiration.

Anonymous said...

Hi Kyle,
Impressive!a red paper clip for a house!i think it's very good hehez.i'm 12 yrs old this yr XD feel free to email me oh and i live in singapore .

jmintuck said...

KEWL! Im going to try this for something I want. I,ll just try it see if I can do something like this.

Anonymous said...

Well, you just made it to the front page at Maybe other people out there looking to buy a house can follow your lead instead!

Holland said...

Hey kyle, dude what you did is totaly awsome! When i read about what you did i thought: yeah right, dude one is going to trade a paperclip for a house..but i gues there are all kinds of people,right..Anyway..i think you did a good job and good luck with trading other stuff!
Come to Holland and you get to trade all sorts of stuff! Cuz we're all crazy 'round here :)
bye bye

Anonymous said...

Hi Kyle! We've read a text about you in our english textbook Alquin Magazine! Amazing what you did, you're genius! Greetings! Andrej & Samanta from The Netherlands

Anonymous said...

ewa boy.... nice story that you made. if i were you wich advice would you give me to start chance something could you help me
thnx i'd love hearing from you

Anonymous said...

Jow Mate.. Cool Story about somthing we use everyday .If I were you I would go for a very cool car. like an hummer or escalade or someting:) but it's still very nice you got the house..


Anonymous said...

hey kyle

we are 2 girls from holland.
we really like how you traded your paperclip for a house!!!
well, we have to go now!


greetz 2 girls from holland.

Anonymous said...

Its really interesting what u did with that paperclip. I'd never think you'lld get that far.
Have fun with your house =)
Nils from Holland

Anonymous said...

A magical story! I remember being well impressed when it hit the national newspapers and TV here in England.

Good luck for whatever project you take on next.

Best wishes, Mike.

Edwin said...


I admire your stamina with trading. With the scouts, we also played a game called 'het ruilhandelspel' (translation: trade-commerce game). I started with 5 cents, and ended with an umbrella.

Greetings from Holland,

Jill said...

Hey Kyle,
I live in the U.S. but i saw your story in a magazine. I really liked it so i went to your website and i guess you got your house!

Anonymous said...

I was just looking at your pictures from the house party. I noticed the pictures of the ambulance. The funny thing is I use to own that car! I love the fact it is still running and showing up at the best parties in Sask.

Anonymous said...

Hi Kyle, the Shanghai Daily had an article on you today. You can view the text here:
(look now b/c after a week or so, it's for subscription only). The print edition has a picture of you. If you'd like a copy, I can send it to you.
Cheers, Evert (a fellow Canadian in Shanghai)

Mike said...

hey kyle...i jsut wann say i think your idea is amazing...i hope your enjoying your house...i decided to give your idea a shot of my own, except instead of starting with a red paperclip im starting with a pack of eclipse gum...if youve got any tips or anything for me you can email me at

anyway, have a good one

James said...

Hi Kyle. I'm from the UK and just set up my own blog. You're story is such a joy to read and just reminds all that anything is possible. All the best and hope I have as much luck as you.


Million Dollar Moron said...

Hey Kyle,

You're an inspiring Canuck!


zoobie- said...

hola kyle, my name is zoobie and im from Dundee Scotland, i never read books,once my english teacher sent me to the school libery to get a book for a case study and i returned with a book of national flags needles to say wasnt pleased, anyway i read your book all the way to the end and thought it was pretty cool, im also a fan of cup farting my chums,a cupfart is when you cup your hand and fart in it then swiftly stick it under a chums nose, i would like to know if you have ever participated in such an activity? god bless

AFourDigitNumber said...

This is Erik from Texas. I remembered hearing about you quite some time ago and then I heard word of you finally getting that house.

Atta boy, Kyle. Atta boy.

I love seeing people lay down what they want to do and then doing it. Stories like this are the only cure for Amotivational Syndrome...on that note, I'm going to continue studying for finals tomorrow.

Cori said...

Wow...just read your book. Amazing story man!!!! You had me hooked all the way through. Its so funny how I had never even heard of your story until I stumbled across it in the book store. Where the hell have I been! Kudos to you bro!!! I hope life is treating you well!

B. Rose
San Diego, CA

mikayla said...

hey kyle
Im from Australia and i was inspired after i heard your story
im going to do the exact same thing but with buttons!
i dont think ill be as successful but il give it a go
im gonna add your blog so anyone who wants to check myn out its

feel free to leave a comment (even if its to say that im a try hard copy cat)

Paolla said...

Hi Kyle,

I just finished reading your book (05/04/08 12:46 pm), which I casually picked up last August in a boredom moment late at night at a road side servicing station on the way back to London from one of my favourite places in Wales, Aberystwyth.

Congratulations, and I hope you are still pursuing the funtential in life, you certainly reminded all of us of its importance and the importance of the value of human relationships.

PS I actually have crossed Canada before on a road trip, and must say Canada has a great landscape and really cool people.


London, UK

coral x said...

Hey Kyle

I heard about your story and it really inspired me. I am an English student studying Publishing and in my final year. For my final major project i decided to try my luck and do a similar idea to yours but through eBay, as I am only a student and can't really travel around.

I definatley think your idea is better. People are more trusting in person.

All money raised will be going to Great Ormond Street Childrens Charity so be sure to check out: Corals Charity Auction

Coral xxx

coral x said...

Hey Kyle

I heard about your story and it really inspired me. I am an English student studying Publishing and in my final year. For my final major project i decided to try my luck and do a similar idea to yours but through eBay, as I am only a student and can't really travel around.

I definatley think your idea is better. People are more trusting in person.

All money raised will be going to Great Ormond Street Childrens Charity so be sure to check out: Corals Charity Auction

Coral xxx

Brian said...

i'll trade you one red paper clip for your house.

!!!!! seroiusly.

Md Shaffir said...

Hi Kyle,

I did some research and bumped into your blog. It was interesting when I had start reading it and enjoyed it.

Trading with a paperclip that a real concept I presume. well anyway good luck to your.

john said...

hey kyle im john. im 14 and am almost done with your book. I have got to say i usally dont like to read but since i read your book i rteda even more. I was wondering wat happened next?
please contact me at thanks.

Carol said...

ill trade you your house for a paper clip

gmoorenator said...

Hey Kyle,

Just finished reading your book about an hour ago whilst travelling around NZ and thought I'd let you know I really enjoyed it :)

However, I did immediately give it to a random stranger, a German in fact, and told them to pass it on to the next person. Whilst not strictly trading, I hoped it carried on with the spirit on your adventure.

All the best,


ps, I hope by passing it on I don't take money directly from your pocket! said...

Hey Kyle.
I read ur book in Korea.
Altough im poor in English(@.@), i wanna tell you one thing!
You are a true man!!!

Always good luck!!!

Eunyeong in Korea.

wingo11 said...

Hi Kyle !!!

I'm from Trois-Rivières (Québec),and my brother gave me your story at christmas and I read it all (in french).

I just wnated to congratulate you for your determination and your patience. I know you must overflow with comments from people like me who just want to say good job, but I'm very seriously impressed with all you did, and I hope you will find what you want when you trade your house.

Catherine, 13, Trois-Rivières

I didn't write in french, because I didn't know if you had lost your French being so long in Kipling !!

I'm find and you~? said...

Hello, Kyle~!
I read your book in Korea. that's very Excited. at first, I was unbelievable your story. but now, I'm believe that! the fact excite me! :)
I'll support your project. cheers!
p.s-If you wanna see your Korean book cover, follow my blog! :)

Laurence said...

Hey Kyle, I was Stumbling through someone's blog and found your story.I am truly inspired by your ingenuity.You have lit a fire and I intend to embark on a journey of my own.This is so exciting.Thank you for having the fearless courage to follow your idea. Your friend in Louisiana,

Laurence Ferguson

john howlett said...

hi kyle i heard about your swap (red paper clip) could u please tellme how to start sumfin like at myself? thanks and good luk with future products john also my num is 07974035296. look 4ward 2 eaein 4rmu