First painting I've ever done of a red paperclip up for auction !

Link to auction:

Due to popular demand here it is… a painting of a Red Paperclip !

Red Paperclip Painting #1 is, if you can believe it, the first painting of a red paperclip I’ve ever done and the HIGHLY COLLECTIBLE #1 in a potential series of BILLIONS of paintings of red paperclips.

Everyone on earth deserves a painting of a red paperclip so if I can iron out the production wrinkles these paintings are going to be fabricated on an unfathomable industrial scale in the near future in order to supply the 7 Billion+ citizens of Planet Earth with the paintings of a red paperclip they NEED to survive.

Who knows!  Maybe this original hand-painted #1 will one day be worth billions of dollars and put on display at whatever the Canadian version of the Smithsonian or Louvre is called and people from all over will flock to wherever that museum is and crowd around it on display and hold up their cameras so they can see it LIVE on their implanted VR goggles.

Or maybe it will get shot into space as some sort of crazy publicity stunt to promote paperclips by a massive multinational stationery chain.

Or something else !

But as of right this minute there is only ONE painting of a Red Paperclip by Kyle MacDonald in all of human existence - hence the #1 designation in the title - and you can bid on it right here on Ebay and potentially make it your OWN.

Hand-painted by World Record Holder Kyle MacDonald aka “DJ Dancefloor” aka “the red paperclip guy”.

Auction starts at $12.34 USD with no reserve and FREE shipping anywhere in the world.

Link to auction:

Have fun,

- Kyle

Painting Dimensions:
16" x 12"

Auction Summary:
-1 Red Paperclip Painting #1 ORIGINAL acrylic painting by Kyle MacDonald
-1 autographed copy of the book One Red Paperclip by Kyle MacDonald

FREE basic shipping (slow) anywhere in the world.  If you want/need this painting FAST chose from the shipping options

Halfway through painting this I had to burp my infant daughter and she spat up a bit on my shoulder so this painting was completed in the the presence of (extremely cute) baby drool on the artists shoulder.

Kyle MacDonald BA UBC GEOG
Amazingly has never made a painting of a red paperclip before this moment.
1979 -

and we’ll turn it into art.
One Red Paperclip Inc.
1928 Grant St.
Vancouver BC
V5L 2Y9

Link to auction:

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