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Today’s auction is “Dwayne the painting" by Kyle MacDonald.

A perfect gift for any Dwayne, anyone who knows a Dwayne, or anyone interested in getting into the Dwayne-knowing lifestyle.

I’ve known two Dwaynes in my life. (so far)

Dwayne 1 was in the 90s a friend of a family friend was named Dwayne and he was a somewhat bizarre John Waters-eque father of triplets who scared us by moving his bottom jaw denture around and gave us money to go to the store and buy buy candy on the condition we bring him back a Big Turk candy.  Still the only person I’ve ever seen eat a Big Turk.  I’ll never eat a turkish delight without thinking about that Dwayne.

Dwayne 2 is Dwayne Launt the Vancouver realtor who helped us sell our condo and buy a house in the same week.  We went into some pretty weird properties that week we with Dwayne and exchanged some “can you believe it?” type looks then went outside and had some good laughs.   An excellent week of Dwayne-ing.  He's a fun guy and rides a vespa scooter and also has a HOTLINE at 604-255-7575 so please call him if you want to buy or sell a house in Vancouver.  He’s also on instagram so follow him at @yvrdwayne !

Bidding starts at $0.01 with no reserve and FREE shipping anywhere in the world !

Painting Dimensions:
36” x 24”.  1.5” gallery wrap.

Auction Summary:
-1 Dwayne The Painting by Kyle MacDonald original painting.  Acrylic on canvas.
-1 autographed copy of the book One Red Paperclip by Kyle MacDonald

FREE basic shipping (slow) anywhere in the world.  If you want/need this painting FAST chose from the shipping options

100% guarantee this painting has never been owned by a Dwayne.

Kyle MacDonald BA UBC GEOG 
Is keen to meet his third Dwayne.
1979 - 

and we’ll turn it into art.
One Red Paperclip Inc. 
1928 Grant St. 
Vancouver BC
V5L 2Y9
HOTLINE: 514-833-3980

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