Yesterday was a Cow. Today is a Pig.

Yesterday’s Cow Auction:
Today’s Pig Auction:

Last summer I made two paintings of a moose and a bear and put them up on my mom and dad’s wall and they loved them the most but then a month later I needed some paintings to fill the walls of Bandidas restaurant in Vancouver so I quietly took the bear and the moose paintings down from my mom and dad’s wall and put them in the restaurant. Our pal Finnigan sneakily put up this painting of a Colorful Pig and another one of a Colorful Cow in place of the moose and bear and for awhile my mom and dad didn’t notice but then one day my mom sat down on the couch and looked up at the wall and said “AAACK!” and nearly ruined the couch because she spat out so much coffee and laughed and couldn’t believe it and then my dad told me the story with a smile on his face and look here I am right now telling the story again.

Fun times !

This painting is a quite big 40"x30" COLORFUL PIG. It makes an excellent stand-in for a colorful bear if you’d ever like to prank your parents.

Either way there is only ONE Colorful Pig in existence in the entire world (so far) and if you wanna to get this painting in your hands I strongly urge you to be the highest bidder when the auction closes at noon Pacific Time on Sat. Feb 20th.

Bidding for this one starts at $123.45 USD with no reserve and FREE shipping ANYWHERE.

As always, if this painting doesn’t sell, I will destroy it and make new art with the remains.

Have a swell day,


Painting Dimensions:
40" x 30" (101cm x 76cm)

Auction Summary:
-1 original acrylic painting “Colorful Pig” by Kyle MacDonald mounted on a wooden frame with a 1.5" gallery wrap
-1 autographed copy of the book One Red Paperclip by Kyle MacDonald

FREE basic shipping (slow) anywhere in the world (Faster options also available — select faster options from shipping choices

Was on the wall of my mom and dad’s house and surprised my mom so much she spat out her coffee.

Kyle MacDonald BA UBC GEOG PIG
Never met a pig he didn’t like
1979 -

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