The "Who Are These Guys?" Slideshow hits Vancouver Sept 14 !

Who Are These Guys?  

That's the question we've been asking for almost 8 years.  And yet, after countless hours of doing very little to discover their true identity, we still don't know who they are.  Will you be in Vancouver on Tuesday Sept 14 and have nothing better to do at 8pm than watch a slideshow in a warehouse? Perfect! Then come check out the WATG slideshow at AGOG.

Tuesday Sept 14

AGOG is located at 124 WEST 6th Ave in Vancouver BC. (between Manitoba and Columbia) It should run for an hour or so.  Maybe we'll even have an intermission!

Facebook event page:

Since AGOG is a family-owned locally-picked organic carbon-neutral hybrid venue that features the latest in holistic architecture and I just got back from India with long hair being kempt merely by a red headband,  admi$$ion to this event will be free, or by donation, or you can pay whatever you like.  I'm just trying to adhere to the flake stereotype.  If anyone has a hat to pass around, please bring it.  AGOG is a warehouse, so: BYOsuds, BYObuds, BYOwine, BYOhardliquor, BYOchair, BYOself.

Want to host a "Who Are These Guys?" presentation in your town?  I'll go anywhere with this slideshow and offer reasonable performance rates.  Give my my slideshow comedy agent up at

Hopefully see you there Tuesday!


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