Open Mic Stand Up Round 4...fight!

First off, my cousin Tyler Wright has been missing for more than a week.  If you have any spare time and can help review search and rescue videos or make a donation, please feel free to help over at

Tough to segue into going on stage and being comedic with my cousin missing.  I'm quite close to Ty and we're on a considerably similar wavelength funny-wise.  Almost every time I see or think something funny I want to share it with Ty, and well, it's quite hard and pointless to find the funny when somebody very close to you has completely vanished. 

It was very kind of Paul Ash to provide a warm introduction, but I just can't help but feel I'm less exciting in real life with unproven live stand up material than the promise of "the guy who traded a red paperclip for a house!"  While I did in fact trade a red paperclip for a house, it took a full year, and most of that time I was just sitting around reading and writing emails.

Anyhow, a distracted blog post about a very distracted previous five days, but here's what I came up with...this is the 4th time I've gone on stage to do stand up comedy.

Sure, it was probably a poor choice and bad attempt at being avante garde to read the Stand Up Comedy by U2, but it's always fun to try stuff out.  Live and learn.  There's definitely a way to make reading that song funny....but, well, I may never know how.  As for the other stuff, some random thoughts, some old true stories, and some recent happenings.  All presented with the attempt at making them funny, or at least interesting.  Thanks again to Paul Ash for putting me on.  Thanks to Tu and Jo of TuJoHaHa for being the go-to girls for Montreal stand up comedy!

And here's to hoping we can find Ty soon.

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Sassy said...

Thanks for the shout-out about the blog! Thanks and tell me when round 5 is!