Dom says thanks for all the birthday wishes.

And asked me to take her email off the post. But I've decided to leave it up. Just for kicks. Getting prepped for some big book release stuff this summer, in addition to big party in Kipling:

June 28 = Book release in UK/Ireland.
July 2-8 = be in London/Dublin promoting book.
July 10-16 = be in Kipling for red paperclip days.
Aug 17 - Book released in Quebec, en francais.
Aug 21 = Book released in USA and Canada.
Aug 21 - Aug ? = big book promo tour in USA and Canada.

And the book's gonna be released in Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Korea, China, Germany, Italy, The Netherlands - sometime this year, I believe. I honestly don't know all the release dates. If you can find them somewhere online and want to share them, that'd be snazzy! I'm really keen to find Saskatchewan's Brownest Van, then ship it to Japan for a big book launch tour. I can't explain how amazing I think a trip like that will be.

Yes, fun and busy.

It'll be pretty choice when all the book release stuff is wrapped up and I can get down to the business of getting something else on the go!



Allan Wills said...

Well done. Can't wait to read it... I'm scooping it up UK side.

Andy said...

Hi Kyle, good to hear that your sharing your story with the uk, i dont know if its a typo or that my local shop have made an error ... but i'm already half way through your book which i picked up at the weekend just passed... great read so far and quite motivating to someone like myself who feels stuck in a dead end job going nowhere, after finishing the book i think your words of wisdom will come in useful to inspire me onto bigger and better things, not that you'd becoming to the north east of england ...but if you were drop on by :)



Anonymous said...

Richard and Judy are a pair of wankers

Nancy said...

HeLlo from Romania, Kyle!
Just read about you and your awsome dream achieved in Reader's Digest from may (yeah, i know we are in July, but was too busy to read it when it appeared :d )
Man, you are an inspiration, really!
Congratulations for not giving up, for , like the Johnny Walker motto says it, keep walking.
Happy belated 2 yrs birthday of your dream becoming true!

whocares said...

Hi Kyle and Dom,

just read the book which brought me here. My first blog comment!!!

Anyway I had an early flight so started out at 3am on the Thursday and had you book for reading on the plane, which I did. Then had work type stuff to do then went to the hotel with every intention of sleep (it is required at times). Anyway I couldn't put the book down and read until 3am the following morning, which is not healthy at all but shows how much I loved the book.

Congratulations on the trade to house thing and the book and best wishes going forward.

I am from Ireland if you are keeping track of you international 'sphere of influence' (always wanted to use that line, but never had the chance)


Steve said...

Hi Kyle,

I read your book last week in about 3 days. It was a great story that I had heard about before and when I saw the book on the shelf at the airport I just had to pick it up. I want to do something like this, but I don't have the time/motivation that you need - and the fact that I'm only 15 so I can't travel around trading. I also don't own a red paperclip.

Good luck in the future, you are a true inspiration.

Steve (London, UK)