I'm so hungry I could

eat a bike. But since I'm on a fast, and can't eat solids, I just fixed a bunch in the backyard instead. So, I was working on bikes all day, and then this monster thunderstorm came along and we were about to drive out of town to watch it, in a place that in hindsight what was probably the most lightning-strike likely location, ever. But we never left town, cause there were two guys on bikes in front of the big red paperclip at 503 Main. These two guys:


Francois and Olivier. And they didn't look like they were just riding around town on those bikes. Nope, it looked like they were riding somewhere really far on those bikes. It turns out they're on their way from Victoria BC to St. John's Newfoundland. Pretty much as far as you can travel without needing to carry ID to cross a border. They've got a website. With a really easy to remember URL. You should check it out: www.olivieretfrancoistraversentlecanadaenvelo.com

We scored them showers, beds, cutlery, bike storage in the "Leprechaun" motorhome out back, etc. World's defintely collided around here last night. Yep, the world of Kyle and Dom sitting around the house doing as little as possible, shaking off stir craziness by obsessively collecting, fixing, and then not really riding bikes, with the world of Olivier and Francois: goal oriented and spandex fueled cross continental cycling...on bikes that weren't salvaged from attics in farmhouses.

Awesome guys, glad they dropped buy. They ate an entire bag of Chewy Chips Ahoy last night. I had some mini carrots. And such.


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