I ran 10 Kilometres today. Drove the van 5km west from 503 Main, pulled over to the gravel, dropped the clutch, turned the wheel left, pulled a peel-out "U-ey", and drove back home to place both feet in the eagerly awaiting pair of red Adidas. Then I ran to the tire mark. And back.

50 minutes.

Not bad.

Specially for a belly full of elk sausage. Cold wet powerful north wind blew hard perpendicularly to the road the entire time. From the right on the way there. From the left on the way back. No tailwind either direction. I tried to twist my back to get a bit of a sail-effect going on to help propel me down the highway. Not sure if it helped. I did get stomach cramps though, so maybe twisting wasn't the best idea. Probably the elk sausage's fault though. They always get up to stuff like that. Good old elk sausages. Digesting. Giving people cramps. Elk sausages. Nothing like 'em.


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Bearuh said...

How long did your fasting last? By the way.. your red paper clip story is AMAZINNNGGG!!!!!!