So Scott, Dom, Teresa and I were siting around 503 Main today and for some reason I said I'd like to get a lot of bikes. Like a hundred. Quickly. Something like that. Since bikes are fun, it's pretty predictable that a lot of bikes will be a lot of fun. We'd just scooped up a $2 garage sale wonder down the road in Kennedy, and had four already on the premises. So only about 95 to go to hit c-note status. I posted up a message at the Kipling Motor Inn and the Co-op that I was looking for bikes, and we left it at that.

An hour later the door rang. It was Lloyd. Lloyd came in out of the cold rain. We sat in the kitchen and said the usual pleasantries. Then Lloyd said that he'd come over because he'd seen the notice about bikes at the KMI.

You have bikes?
Yes. I've got about 30 of them.

Just like that.

So ten minutes later Scott, Lloyd and I are on the road to his family's farmhouse 20 minutes down a muddy gravel road out of town towards Kenosee to scope them out. We pulled up the the ancient semi-abandoned farmhouse on their spread and walked inside. And sure enough, the house was filled to the rafters with bikes. A farmhouse filled with bikes. Just like that. He'd gathered them over the years and there they were. So we grabbed as many would fit on and in the Sun Seeker and headed back to town with the first load of bike loot. A quick stop at Lloyd's place in town netted a couple more to bring the total for the day to ten bikes. So about 15 bikes so far at 503 Main. And another 25 or so still at the farmhouse. That's about 40 bikes. I have no idea what I'm going to do with 40 bikes. But that's the sort of thing that'll pretty much work itself out. Vast amounts of bikes are like that.

So now I'm figuring out ways to score a utility trailer and go back for the rest of those bikes just waiting at the Warner family farmhouse. Then I'm gonna fix them all up and do something fun with them. Then maybe try to bring every single unwanted spare bike in Saskatchewan to Kipling. Who knows. This bike getting will either fade out quickly or quickly get right out of hand.

Which would be fun.

So I'm looking to get lots of bikes to 503 Main Street here in Kipling. If you've got one bike, or fifty bikes, I'm interested. Drop me a line at or better yet, just drop on by...with your bikes. We can make a deal!




the1secondfilm said...

it figures lloyd would have a barn full of bikes. remind me to read your blog more often. oh, and please post a pic of this barn when the next bike harvest come around.

Anonymous said...

I just bought a new bike at the police auction and I did it in Finnish. Bikes are great!!! I wanted one of those cool cruisers but had to settle for something a little different because I wanted it for under 50 euros. Bikes are easy to come by though.

jack said...

First time visiting your blog, but after reading the pre-text, I am hooked!

Anonymous said...

why not fix them up and donate them to under privelage kids who dont have a bike. Just a way to give back to the community. Maybe a local school or church could use them?

oshee said...

you ought to donate the bikes to kids all over Canada or something.