Two things to check out

I've been holding out on promoting this until "the big launch", and the digg-fueled, server-melting big launch happened yesterday. The 1 Second Film is awesome. I can't accurately describe how much I like this idea, or how in awe I am of Nirvan's scope on things, so it'd probably be best if you check it out yourself, and become a producer! I'm a producer, are you? Become a producer! We can produce films together!

One Week Job is an undertaking that quite simply rules. There's no two ways about it. Sean Aiken grew up in the same hood as me and Scotty and Fiddy. We all went to Seattle together in the late 90s as part of a binge work/get kicked out of the go-karts excursion. So we've got history, you could say. Sean's off to a running start with One Week Job, and is doing it for all the right reasons. I expect only good things to come from this. I can't wait to see where this takes him.


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Scott and Fiddy link is cool