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I write like this all the time in google docs, but never publish on a blog because it's really, well, rambly...and might "blow" my "image" of writing purposeful blog posts, or something like that.

My mom said to me the other week, "You know, you have lots of ideas, but if it's too much to do them all, why don't you write fiction? People like to read stories that they know are made up, as well, you know." And I know that. I'm reading Slaughterhouse-Five right now, which is fiction-ish, but it's quite obvious the "research" for Billy Pilgrim's character was pulled directly from Vonnegut's POW time behind enemy lines. Thankfully I've never been imprisoned in a POW camp before, and I hope things stay that way, but after getting into this book and watching the movie Capote the other night, I'm really fascinated with the idea that it could be a book of fiction based upon real events, as opposed to a factual memoir a la one red paperclip.

But I'm still not sure, I've only ever written stories memoir style, like these. I feel that a jump to writing fiction requires a total disconnect in ways I might not be prepared to do. If you write fiction, then you really have to be a writer. When you write about stuff you did, you're just a guy who did some stuff. Then wrote about it.

So that's where I'm at right now. I'm looking for that first step again. It's either going to be another idea that I get to "take to the streets" or something much more random and secretive that'll get developed in secrecy, perhaps using special code words and handshakes and stuff. The thing with all that secrecy is, well, that it's secret. And keeping things secret is really, really hard. I have hundreds of ideas, and I'm ready to make the move to get things in motion. (If anyone knows where these stores will be located, please let me know. I'll pre-order the first person to find that info a copy of one red paperclip!) And then there's this, which fascinates me to no end, including the fact that if I'm going to put forth a sophomore effort, it might be a nice idea to base it on the worst idea ever, as to flip the script on the whole sophomore slump thing. I'm not really sure what flip the script means, but I've been listening to a lot of early 90s hip hop lately and it seems to fit with what I'm trying to say. I think. We don't even use the word sophomore in Canada, unless we're talking about an "artist's" sophomore effort. A sophomore in Canada is just somebody in grade 10. Not tenth grade, grade 10. So that's deep.

If you peruse through the archives on this site, you'll see that this blog is much more of a rambling unstructured place of thoughts, ideas, and old pictures of Dom that look like North Korean dictators, than one red paperclip. i don't think there was a single picture of a North Korean dictator on one red paperclip, and that's how I'd like to keep it. The randomness will stay this-a-way.


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Allan Wills said...

write what you know, know what you write... unless you're Stephen King