I've offically decided to continue blogging over at Yep, if you trust this source, it's official. Besides those two wonderful pictures of Dom and I over there on the right side, I've got just too much random fun stuff to talk about for the likes of Too much stuff that I think will eventually take away from the one red paperclip experience, like the gnarliest pictures of people taking pictures the world has ever seen.

Don't worry one red paperclip junkies! There's much fun to come right here as well, it's just that I'll try and limit everything posted on this website to things that involve one red paperclip, and not, oh let's say, um, my total obsession for miniture Japanese 4x4 convertible vans, which, I'm pretty confident to say, will see much light of day over at Yeah, auto-forwards to, but what's a guy to do? Set it up to post at the actual domain? No thanks. Oh, and I'm using instead of because some other guy already has the domain. I think his name is Kyle MacDonald. And I think he lives in Toronto. He might even read this blog post! So that's cool. Yeah, I'd be up for trading something really awesome with's Kyle MacDonald for the domain name. Perhaps even my new fish shirt. I might, and I stress the word might, even be able to swing an autographed picture of Retired Movie Star Dave Leroux for that domain name...but let me stop making outlandish promises we all know might be impossible for so many reasons. Anyhow, enough of my rambling here, there's plenty of room for that elsewhere.

So feel free to swing up for the RSS feed over at, or join my wonderful fun mailing list, an enjoyable free service that hundreds have grown to love.

Have fun, Kyle.