Venture on CBC wednesday Oct 25th 7:30pm across Canada

Long time, no bloggy. Really busy "write" now writing the book and finding ways to use hononyms in a subtle yet descriptive and fun way.

An all-star crew from Venture's Dreamer's and Schemers on CBC stalked Dom and I for a few months during the summer right up until the housewarming party in Kipling. The segment airs in Canada Wednesday Oct 25th at 7:30pm in all times zones, 'cept of course Newfoundland, which is 8pm. You too Labrador.

Here's a taste for ya:

Have fun - Kyle


Anonymous said...


The CBC preview was great. It was certainly an adventure tracking your progress and having you as our guest on Interviews.

Congrats, and all the best.

Anonymous said...

hi Kyle~

i'm boz.我是波子..

i search for your name and "one red paperclip" on the internet today and feel really happy that i got here finally.

i'm a Chinese student and still in university(Guang Dong university city).Recently i happened to know a 20-year-old girl in China has carrying our her trade from a "red paper clip" to a "big house".

here is her blog~

i'm not interested in her story because it's not her own idea.But
maybe she's attemptting your way in China and to see wether it work in China~
Maybe you will be interested with her story.Or you can ask me to interpret it to you.

Anonymous said...

this is such an amazing story. i look forward to seeing in on NBC

congratdulations mate!

Saskboy said...

I just watched the episode and was going to comment to say so sooner, but Blogger was down. Bad timing.

Colin said...

ya, it was rad!

Anonymous said...

oh hey,kyle,finally,i am here,haha, u are famous in china,many ppl were moved by ur story,now a chinese girl is doin the same thing,i think everyone can have a try,it is very interestin,u will never know waht is waitin for u next,it is strange,but very cool feelin,haha,i guess i will enjoy,

i am the Happiness Messenger,i wanna exchange my smile,i will pass by pic,haha,just for fun,i`m doin volunteer service,i shared my idea to a lit volunteer,she wanna exchange her"love" to make the world more beautiful.haha,kyle,wish us best luck~

btw,do u use msn or yahoo?mine is,my yahoo ID is cool_haha_cool,hope to hear from u soon

Anonymous said...

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