This is the hood of our car:

So that's the coolest thing ever. Our ride is offically pimped. Who needs DVD players, on-board wireless internet and 22-inch rims? Just give me a red paperclip toting eagle and I'm straight. Dom picked me up last night with a smile on her face and a camera in her hand. She had a surprise. Needless to say, I was pretty darn happy. Two years ago, I knew there was a reason I shopped around at every used auto parts place in Montreal but could only find a white hood. I just knew it. Big thanks to Vero and Myriam for making a dream come true. The talons are unbelievable. I dare you to try and pry the red paperclip out of it's clasp.

I also got a heaping load of 1 inch pins in the mail along with inflatable party sticks!

So that's what 2000 one inch buttons and party sticks looks like. If you're a 1 inch pin fanatic, then swing on over to and Colin Prentice will sort you out. Party sticks and a hood with red paperclip-toting eagle? Labour day weekend in Kipling is gonna rule so hard.

See ya soon - Kyle


Anonymous said...

This hood decord couldn't be more on track with the life lived by Kyle if they tried.

One Green Safety Pin said...

What on Earth is an inflatable party stick?

eliff marry him! said...

hi there!

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Colin said... rules!

stephie said...

Wow... you've definitely gone a long, long way. :) I wonder what's next.