Merch Madness

Thanks to everybody who entered the t-shirt contest, there's now so much more good Kipling / one red paperclip merch for everyone to sport!

Take this bumper sticker for example:

Simple. Easy to understand. Totally derived from something else. I Love Alberta Beef, I think you just met your match.

Speaking of simple and easy to understand, I just added this button to the site:


Just click on that big red button, then your favorite design, and some computer magic will do all the rest. Sporting has never been easier.

If you wanna guarantee your one red paperclip gear to sport for the big fest the Labor Day weekend, your best bet is to buy some from CafePress. I'm working on getting some shirts for the big event, but no guarantee that all the designs'll make it or they won't sell out early so make haste!

There were so many other amazing designs, but I'm not physically able to make them all available. (There's only so much uploading a guy can take.) But you can help! If you have one red paperclip or Kipling designs, upload them to a place like cafepress then send me the link and I'll let everybody know! As far as sporting is concerned, I think we can all agree: the more variety the better.

But wait, there's more! If I see you wearing one red paperclip gear, I'll give you a high five for free!

Have fun, and keep sporting - Kyle


Naples Florida Real Estate said...

I really like the bumper sticker. Creative and looks like it's well-made!

One Green Safety Pin said...

I wish I could be there to get my high five! In any case, I'll be getting my shirt soon! (One of these days soon I will get my passport and then I can come visit your giant red paper clip!)

The Advisor said...

speaking of totally derived from something else - well not really - check out my stuff:
I wish I could make it to your party, I live in Edmonton, my wife doesn't think it would be responsible to leave her and the kids behind for the weekend to drive to Kipling...we'll see.