First off, it's been far too long since we all checked out my mom's blog.

Okay, back to the task at hand. If you say the title to this blog post fast it sounds like you're swearing. If you're reading this blog out loud on your blackberry in class, and the teacher just got mad, simply show them the title. There. All fixed.


Okay, I just realized people are relentlessly asking me the same questions about ORP via email and I'm getting bored and just hammering out gradually-stupider answers to those same questions over time. So obviously my FAQ section isn't up to snuff. I'm also too lazy to create my own questions and then answer them. Besides, that would be creepy. Not like I'd ever do something like that or anything. Especially not back in October before anyone ever read this blog. And definitely not the sort of thing i'd do instead of doing the dishes and wind up making Dom upset, let down, and angry. Nope, not my character. I'd be a real sore piece of work to do something like that.

Now I'd love to tell you I came up with a great idea about how to fill out the FAQ section, but I didn't. I just stole it from Allan over at AreYouMyWife.com

If you have any questions about me/oneredpaperclip/life in general/the clothing brand FCUK, or anything else except the rapidly-growing sport of water skiing behind snowmobiles, please either ask me via a comment on this post, or email me at oneredpaperclip@gmail.com.

New, fresh and downright delicious Q's and A's will hit the FAQ section of this site as they arrive. And then we'll all be happy.

Well, except for the people that are offended by the word FCUK.

I know I am.

Have an enjoyable day - Kyle

PS - t-shirt contest winners announced tomorrow.


Anonymous said...


I think I am addicted to your blog (probably like a number of people out there). I sent your parents a postcard from Finland. Ian and Colleen are awesome!!! They are just really fun to hang out with.


Mike Falcone said...

French Connection United Kingdom?

colleen said...

Kyle, this is mom!

Please remove those kcuf letters from your blog.

I do not like them.

love, mom!

naveen said...

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Andrew said...

Uh Oh! Kyle's in trouble from Mom :o

Also...Just want to point out on Mom's "One Red Paperclip For Kids" Blog that there is one little mistake on the order of trades.

The item out of order seems to be the one that caused a big stir in One Red Paperclip Blogland which therefore surprises me that this went unnoticed.

So maybe Mom can forgive Kyle for the "Fcuk" if Kyle can forgive for the "out of order" trade.

Andrew :)