Q: What initially inspired the idea to do what you are doing?
A: A game called Bigger or Better. You start with a small object and trade it for a bigger or better object. Repeat. Usually a kids game. More knocking on doors, less internet.

Q:How did people find your website in the beginning, before it got media attention?
A: www.craigslist.org - barter section

Q: How far will you travel to make a trade? Will you go anywhere?
A: Yes, I will go anywhere in the world to make a trade...especially Yahk, British Columbia Canada.

Q: Is this a joke?
A: No.

Q: Is this real?
A: Yes.

Q: How much money do you spend for the objects you get?
A: Nothing. It is strictly barter. No money is involved in the trades.

Q: Why are you doing this?
A1: Why not?
A2: I pay rent but I'd like to own a house. I didn't have enough money for a house - but I did have one red paperclip.

Q: Can you please tell me more about who you are?
A: Please see my bio page.

Q: I am a journalist and I'd like to ask you a few questions - how can I contact you?
A: Please see the contact page

Q: Dude! What's up with that light blue 'Ricky' shirt you're always wearing? Is some sort of ironic-that-it's-not-your-name emo punk thing?
A: No. The shirt belongs to Ricky Hebert, my cousin's husband, and former quarterback of the the Arena Football Arkansas Twisters. Ricky gave it to me as a joke on the day I posted the original one red paperclip on the web and for some reason I wore it for the first two trades. When I went to make the third trade, in Amherst MA, Shawn Sparks refused to trade with me until I put on my "lucky trading shirt". It's has inadvertedly become my trademark trading shirt. I think it's funny. Ricky does too. I'd like to give it back to him when he comes to visit me in my house - it doesn't quite fit - it's a little too big.

Q: It must cost a fortune to ship these objects - how can you afford it?
A: I make each trade in person, so I usually bring the objects with me in my car or on the plane. I have not spent a cent on the one red paperclip project.

Q: Will you stop when you get to a house or will you continue to make more trades?
A: The plan is to stop at a house, but...

Q: Where is the house you traded for?
A: 503 Main Street, Kipling, Saskatchewan, Canada.

Q: Does your Mom still cut your hair?
A: Yes.

Q: Do you like pickles?
A: No.


Anonymous said...

Does you mom do a good job of cutting your hair?

Anonymous said...

Will your mom cut my hair for one red paperclip?

Kyle MacDonald said...

My mom does a great job of cutting my hair. She might cut your hair for one red paperclip, you never know! Hey, go check out her blog and give her some blogcouragement, she wants to write children's books:

Dylan212 said...

HI will you trade only things for the same or greater value or will you trade anything ex.popcan for a snowmobile

Saskboy said...

I had my hair cut by my mom until I was 22. I now cut my own hair, and people I ask tell me they don't guess that I cut my own hair. I don't even pay myself with paperclips.

Anonymous said...

I had heard about you on a television show the other day, and had to check out the site. From the moment I heard it, I thought - amazing! What a wise-ass idea that has obviously brought you a long way - and is bringing you into a "cult hero" status!
Wicked man - keep it up - good luck with the trading!

Anonymous said...

Interestingly enough (or not), I am from Little Rock, AR. The whole Twisters refernce kind of threw me off for a second. Anyway, good luck with your luck with your mission. WHen you finally get a house, will you keep going (i.e. a bigger house)?

Anonymous said...

Where the hell is Yakh?

Anonymous said...

Hi Kyle.. I heard you this morning on 106.7 KROQ Los Angeles, Kevin & Bean Show and was amazed.. What a great and fun idea! I wish you the best in all of your trades.. hope you find the home of your dreams.. I have furniture to trade if you end up trading everything in your apartment. Look me up flashwoman2001@yahoo.com

Anonymous said...

Dylan, so silly. Of course he trades up. Trading for an item of lesser value would move him away from his goal of bartering for a house.

Anonymous said...

Useless trivia: There was an old Donald Duck comic where Huey, Dewey, and Louie started with a pencil stub and traded it all the way up and got a steamship ticket to India.

Anonymous said...

i found out about onredpaperclip from a news program here in australia.. brilliant idea. i swear it.

Anonymous said...

Hi, Got your blog site from the Sky News website here in the UK and had to take a look! Good luck on getting the house on an island!!

Anonymous said...

So in order to pull all of these trades off in person, you apparently have an "edge." It sounds like you are combining the travel with your tradeshow rep business. Otherwise, it would not have been feasible cost-wise to schlep and make special trading trips all over North America to do some of your earlier low-key trades. Kyle, mah man, you are one True Very Savvy Genius. P.S. My red paperclip in my desk drawer sends regards and hopes you get your house. P.P.S. I don't need a haircut cuz there ain't much on my chromedomed top...

Herman said...

Hello Kile
Youre famous
Also in Gernamy we know you

Anonymous said...

Have you ever considered running for President? Your cheap economic ideas would be great for any country!!

tami said...

Hey Kyle how long do u leave ur bids open? I have been following ur site for a couple of weeks now. COOL thing, Keep going Kyle hope u get a really big house maybe u can trade right up to the White House. Maybe u can get me a house to Kyle? HAHA :) GOOD LUCK

Anonymous said...

hi kyle! Amazing stuff, just heard about you. you're now famous here in Estonia. keep up the good job and i'll keep my fingers crossed for you.
P.S. you're cute. while you're waiting for your house you could stay at my place for free. as long as you like :)

Cathy Fongjoyo said...

Hey Kyle- your name jus like my bf's name ^^ You done pretty good job so far. Your dream seems impossible but you're on the way to make it comes true. Good luck on your job. Can i ask " Why did you start with red paper clip ?"

Anonymous said...

I like pie!
Do you like pie?

Anonymous said...

We've just seen One Red PaperClip on Beyond Tomorrow in Australia. Thought we'd check you out and see how far along you are to your house. Wow! it seems you've made it and doing the trade up today. Late in the evening here, although early hours for you. Congratulations and enjoy your new home. Cheers Jules & Sebastian

Anonymous said...

Hey there from Australia
Would you trade a jar of vegemite for two return tickets to come to your party and help you celebrate?

Anonymous said...

Great story. Quite inspirational. Well done. From RJ and GJ in Park Holme, SA, Australia!

Anonymous said...

very cleaver,, wicked... groeties von Holland :);) xxx

Anonymous said...

I really liked your idea hehe, you're a genius ;)

Anonymous said...

From Cape Verd. I'm pretty sure you don't know where is it. But you should trade your house for a travel to this country. I'm kidding. Congratulations, the ideia is still spreading around the world.


CineFest said...

10 July 2007
Hi Kyle!
I just watched the CNN piece on YouTube. Wonderful idea and I salute your success with it. I imagine you've seen the classic children's book Stone Soup, which is the same concept as yours, creating something out of hearly nothing. I used to trade things in Mexico on my low-budget, long-term vacations there. A common thing was trading a very good chef's knife(found at a swap meet in Los Angeles for $2, value was actually $65), found a great seafood restaurant in Mexican beach town and traded it for 12 dinners. Not bad for $2 investment! The irnoic thing I discovered, since most Mexicans(rich or poor) are very generous, was that if I just gave things to people I got much more than by trading. The key was to let go of my expectations. So then I gifted a big bag of children's clothes to a family with a small hotel on the beach. I had payed for one night already. They refunded my money and asked me to stay for a week, free. Not bad for $5 worth of yard sale clothes.
In 1993 I decided to start my own traveling cinema, giving shows to people in small towns that have no cinema. It was actually a trade: in exchange I got to see many smiles, hear lots of laughter and created an evening where people could get away from the isolated experience of the TV to gather with other people and watch movies together. By intermission time I'd have several offers for places to stay that night and breakfast invitations too. One morning I actually had 3 breakfasts before leaving town! So far my cinema has given away nearly 700 free nights of movies, all over the US, the west coast of Mexico and in western Canada. Of course I'd love to bring a night of movies to your home in Kipling on my next Canadian tour. Is there room in your yard for a tent for the night?
Wishing you a happy home and that your dreams keep coming true. Your quest with the red paper clip has no doubt inspired many people and provided enthusiasm that is immeasurable.
Hunter, a film worker in Canada, USA, Mexico