The Dark Side

In order to stand out in a crowd, you need to either beat your chest louder than the rest, innovate, or take off all your clothes and trade them for booze. We all knew this was bound to happen. For a bunch of reasons, mostly to keep this blog accesible to younger readers, I'm glad I took the high road with one red paperclip. But I'm also more than happy to see someone emulate one red paperclip to create something they believe in. Whether you morally agree with it or not, I'm willing to bet that part of every single one of us is intriged by the idea of turning a stack of porn into potentially vast amounts of liquor. The fact that the press has started to line up doesn't surprise me one bit. I truly believe there's nothing better than old-fashioned straighforwardness and the desire to turn something you don't want into something you do want.

one red papercip now has it's Dark Side counterpart.

FAQs here.


enjoy - kyle


Anonymous said...

Thanks, Kyle!

The first round at Ye Olde Paperclip is on me.


Vile Blasphemer said...

Boy, this certainly is one hell of an entertaining story.

Anonymous said...

Hi! I've seen your story in one of our daily papers here. It was definitely a novel idea, and I congratulate you for your new house. ;)

Not Adam Sandler said...

I blog extensively on the topic of the Dark Side.

If you are interested, visit


Yay paperclips that are red!

Andrew said...

I'm surprised Mom didn't comment on this post as she did about the FCUK letters in the more recent post.

Or perhaps the image scared her from entering into the "Dark Side".