Foreigner 2

Just did another live broadcast from TVA here in Montreal. Apparently they can't get enough of the "trombone rouge" guy. But I came back and rocked the interview a lot better this time. My favorite part is when Colin Pearson's written-in-english one red paperclip Akward Pause cartoon appears on the screen. So good. The sound is pretty bad - the anchor was in the same room so there's a great echo, and I was "LIVE" from a room about 10 feet from the TV, but things like this always look so much better with a massively-slanted TV frame in full view. Oh, and that's Dom taking the phone call halfway through. I'd recommend sticking around to the end, cause there's some people-getting-trampled-running-of-the-bulls footage from Pamplona - always a good thing.

Merci encore TVA! - Kyle

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Anonymous said...

Congrats dude. wish i could be at the house warming. Kyle, Wellington, NewZealand