Better Than a Sapporo Ichiban TV Commercial

Dom and I are being interviewed by by Japansese TV. I'm so juiced about the idea of appearing on Japanese TV. Maybe we'll be subtitled, or better yet, dubbed. I can only imagine how awesome the one red paperclip graphics will be! Apparently they're casting Japanese look-alikes of Dom and I and all the traders to re-enact the trades for the Japanese audience. Yes, you read that right - Japanese re-enactments. This is unprecedented territory as far as one red paperclip is concerned. I still can't believe it. Fuji TV. My mom even cut my hair for the occasion.

In other ridiculous news, I'm featured on page 85 of the May 8 edition of In Touch Weekly Magazine. Yep, In Touch Weekly. Britney, Paris and Kyle. Makes perfect sense to me. After all, I'm sure we're the perfect demographic for Doggy Steps.

Don't fall off the fence - Kyle CIMG6000.JPG


NAKIL said...

Hi Kyle, hehehe...Kylesan. that's right, that would be your name in Japannese. This is a goog sentence you have to learn by heart and impress people down there: NÀMA MÙGI NÀMA GÒME NÀMA TAMÀGO. yes, you guessed, it's a tongue-twister. Try to say it in 2 seconds, and I'll send you TWO red paperclips from Norway. ps. I have sent you the newspaper clip that came out in Norway.


Erin O'Brien said...

You are japanimation gods.

The balance of the world is suspended by your clip.

I am the queen of Siam.


Joshua said...

You guys have got to get that on YouTube or Google Video or something.

checkitontheinside said...

Thanks for the patch!!! This is Scott Kahler .... Getting a copy of that digtial style would be great.
Can you use the network name .... maybe they have arcives or something online.

Anonymous said...

Hey Kyle, Japan huauuuuuu
Every day these more famous one,
That amusing,

Gaby from Chile.

Maria said...

One red paperclip rocks! Got that on video clip or something so that you can share with us?

bunny said...

You're the best, Kyle. Seriously. I'm sending this pic to Alice straight away.