Alice in Alice

I'm staying in the same hotel in Fargo as Alice Cooper. I still think he's stalking me, but I guess he does have a good excuse to stay at this hotel:


Yes, we are tourists. Kyle, Kristine and Jody Gnant. CIMG6237.JPG

I'm not sure about you, but today was the first time I ever:
1) arrived in North Dakota.
2) ate at Hooters.
3) met a rock legend.
4) got in a stretch limo SUV with a rock legend.
5) got a police escort in a stretch limo SUV to the town of Alice, North Dakota (pop. 60), with a rock legend.
6) arrived in aforementioned small town to see thousands of fervent fans who'd come out to meet a rock legend and watch him accept the key to their city.
7) ate chinese food with a rock legend.



A big day of firsts. Tomorrow is gonna rock. Literally.

Have fun - Kyle


JMoney said...

awesome! more pics of a rock legend pls.

Anonymous said...

I saw you on TV a few weeks ago, and now you are in my city, and ate at the restraunt I used to work at. Weird. Anyway, I think what you are doing is awesome. I hope you get your house!


Matheus Barilari said...

Olá tudo bem? Fiquei interessado na troca, entre em contato comigo!