Blake not Ricky

Ricky is a new dad. That's right. Ricky's wife, and my cousin, Carmen, just had a baby boy yesterday. His official name is Blake not Ricky. Seriously. Okay, no, just joking. It's Blake. Straight up. But nevertheless, a big congrats to Carm and Ricky. We're all off-the-charts happy for you. 10 lbs 5 oz! Just a predicton, but I bet Blake's gonna be an absolute bruiser. In other, less stork-related current events, things are also super choice. I'm chilling in L.A. with my dad. We've been doing gnarly Sunset Strip activites like eating french toast, buying discount running shoes at shoe warehouses, and going to bed early. I know, we're so Hollywood. And I'm also "taking lunch" with some folks tomorow. Yeah, it's pretty funny to say that. Not sure if it's cool to wear my cut-off clam-diggers to the restaurant we're going to.....only one way to find out I guess. Actually, I have some pretty big meetings this week. I should probably sharpen up and make myself look real professional, like I know all the answers. Something real good. Like gold bracelets. There's been a TON of articles about one red paperclip that've gone out in the last little bit, but this Belgian one is especially rad. Oh yeah, I know you were in suspense, but I've got bad news: the rental car place was all out of Dodge Stratuses. Sorry to dissapoint. It's all Chevy Malibu this week. Man, I really wanted that Stratus. Sometimes you gotta dream. We hung out with Jody Gnant quite a bit the last few days. Jody's one of the coolest, most happy and down-to-earth people I've ever met. Her album is just gonna rule. Feel free to swing over to her site and pre-order it! Actually, you know what - things really did get a bit Hollywood around the MacDonald camp. Pops is now an executive producer on Nirvan Mullick's Hollywood epic, The 1 Second Film. We also woke up to the fact that we've had our pants down to our Canadian cell phone provider's $2 per-minute roaming charges, and slapped some American SIM cards in our phones. We've both got 310 area codes now. Man, K & I MacDonald are becoming some real heavy-hitters. 310 area codes, executive producer credits, discount running shoes.....we're a so-cal force to be reckoned with, yo. There's no stopping us. K, gotta go to bed. I don't wanna miss the French toast. Kyle


Anonymous said...

from the 513 to the 310 brother; keep on truckin'... well figuratively since you traded the cintas box truck and all.

October 3 birthdays represent


Kendall said...

Keep posting - I've already read most of your other stuff since finding this site a week or so ago!
Thanks for making my work day so much less productive!