Emiliano said...


Gaede's of Woodbury said...

Hey Kyle,
Sorry I said don't call if you get into trouble - I am feeling bad now....You can call or stop by anytime - for the best steak dinner in MN.
I hope the goodies from Andrea's Grandma's grocery store in Wykoff, MN will help you on your trip.
Love and Peace
Eileen, Frank, Brian, Max and Cara and I know you'll see Andrea again sometime.

william said...

hey kyle,
i can't watch most of the videos on your blog, you tube says it's no longer available, do you know where else i can watch it?

Yufka said...

I can't watch most of the videos as well. Check them and see if they work...if u have time.

jonathan said...

Yeah it's true all your video unless one are out of function, is there somewhere else I can watch them, because I've finished reading your book and I wanted to see in the real life how it was so please come back to us if you have anytime in front of you.