5 rad things from L.A.


1: Attack of the Show - watch the VIDEO here Big thanks to everyone at G4TV for flying me out and putting me on Attack of the Show. It was awesome

2: Tara Johns (green shirt/back to camera) CIMG5116 Tara Johns is a filmmaker from Montreal. Tara is making a documentary film about my quest to trade from one red paperclip to a house. Tara flew to L.A. to follow me around with a film crew in tow. Thanks Tara. I’ll do my best to give you the bestest documentary footage possible 3: Arroyo Elementary CIMG5127 CIMG5117CIMG5118CIMG5119CIMG5120CIMG5121CIMG5122CIMG5123CIMG5124CIMG5125CIMG5126 Possibly the bestest documentary footage possible. Big thanks to Cassy and her son Michael (pictured) for the invite to talk to more than 60 fourth graders about the one red paperclip project. Favorite part: fielding questions. Q:"What are those numbers written on your shoe?" A:"Uh, um, yeah...those. Those three numbers are the combination to my new combo lock I bought for staying at the hostel." Keep asking questions kids. Your questions rule. 4: Erik the producer I met up with Erik the Producer in Hollywood. Erik is a producer for the Jimmy Kimmel Show. He is keen to cover upcoming trades on the Jimmy Kimmel Show. I am keen for this to happen. Keen is good. 5: Nirvan Mullick 1seconfilmandoneredpaperclip Nirvan Mullick is the force behind The 1 Second Film. He is a true visionary who knows how to have fun and do interesting positive things. Go to The 1 Second Film and become a Hollywood film producer for one dollar. You will get your name in the IMDB. In Nirvan’s words: “It’s funny, but it’s not a joke.”

L.A. was rad, can't wait to go back out again, Kyle PS Yes, Will Ferrell fans, I did drive a Dodge Stratus. CIMG5110

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