Snow Riding in The West

yahk_paperclip Wow, everybody out in Yahk is really gearing up to make 'one trip to Yahk' a doozy! The crew at at SnoRidersWest made one red paperclip the lead story on their website and have devoted an entire section towards one red paperclip and the upcoming trade! You can see the one red paperclip section of SnoRidersWest here. A SnoRidersWest reporter, Jeff Cooper, has already gone out to Yahk and chatted with the Yahkites! SnowRidersWest put together a great story about my potential trade in Yahk. (That's assuming George Stroumboulopoulos helps remove his hypnotic spell!) You can read the article about Yahk here Powder Hounds Snomobile Tours have stepped up to the plate to run the snowmobile tour to Yahk. I've also been talking with proud Yahk resident Penny A.P. Anderson and webmaster of the "official" Yahk community website. She's got all kinds of surprise Yahktivities planned for the trip too! This is going to be fun, I can't wait to get out there. What trade offer for "one trip to Yahk" should I take? Email me at and let me know!

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Very interesting site and idea, you sound like a pretty unusual character!! Keep at it!